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Below are some recent success stories from our customers about hits they made using our picks.
If you make any big scores with our picks, TELL US about them!
Mark A. from Fort Lauderdale, FL:
Hits Pick 6 Among Other Wagers in 2019 Breeders' Cup For Over $100K!

Winning Tickets in 2019 Breeders' Cup

Mark A. from Fort Lauderdale, FL:
"Bone Crushing Win" in Florida Derby With $25 Superfecta Paying Over $87,000!

Winning Superfecta Ticket in the Florida Derby

Dear Winning Ponies,

Another bone crushing win has been delivered by your service.

I took your Top Horse - Maximum Security for the Florida Derby and put it on top of the next four horses and connected for a big win.

Made a mistake by not betting the exacta or the trifecta, which paid out very nice, but this will have to suffice for now :-)

I'm pretty sure we killed the payout and were paid half of the pool for all superfectas.

Thomas H. from Petaluma, CA:
Hits Two Trifectas at Santa Rosa For Over $700!

Wow! Are you for real. I had an unbelievable great day using the information provided. Hit a number of races, but hit big on the last two $1.00 trifectas. Walked away with over $700.00. Thank you! A fun and profitable day at Santa Rosa.

John O. from Grand Island, NY:
Cashes in On Our Muddy Picks at Finger Lakes For Over $1,000!

Love the winning ponies in the mud angle this time of year just hit early pic 4 as well as 20 exb in the 3rd and in the second 5 came second woulda had 20 on the 98 dad but can't win em all and I woulda took out the pic 4 pool X 2$$$$$$$ Thanks WP

Greg B. from Frisco, TX:
Has Killer July 4th Weekend at Lone Star (And Sends Proof)!

Winning Exacta Ticket at Lone StarWinning Pick 3 Ticket at Lone Star

Michael P. from Tulsa, OK:
Michael Hits 5 Doubles in a Row at Retama!

Winning Ponies are on fire at Retama Park. Hit every double so far. one of them paid 270.00 for two bucks.Five in a row so far.

Michael P. from Tulsa, OK:
Breaks It Open at Laurel With Super, Exacta and Double For Over $700!

I was getting worried. Paid for Laurel today and not a hit for the first three races. Race four broke it open for me. Ten cent super was147.00 Had it twice. the exacta was 260.00 . Double was 140.00

Greg B. from Frisco, TX:
Nails Exacta at Churchill For $264 on $12 Bet (And Sends Proof)!

Winning Exacta Tickets at Churchill

Pat R. from Phoenix, AZ:
Rocks Belmont Stakes For $6,200!

i replaced epicharis with patch had $40 exacta 3 tris 2 $1 supers cashed out $6200

Cody T. from Victor, NY:
Has Kind Words About Our Service and Support Team!

Thank you for your quick response. your guys services is second to none i have been using you guys for years and only had very few issues and each time they were corrected quickly.

Robert O. from Hollandale, WI:
Nails Taxable Superfecta at Churchill (And Sends Proof)!

Winning Payoff Receipt From Churchill

You guys are awesome! I hurrried and when to your site because my wife wanted to go play the ponies and I wanted to win. It's always more fun when you win. Well... The 5th race did it for me. $1.00 Super fecta to win $645.50?! Not too shabby. Thanks guys!!!!

Paul P. from Worcester, MA:
Long Time Customer Praises Our Service!

I have been a member of Winning Ponies for several years. The information on this website will improve your handicapping skills, your knowledge of horse racing, and your bankroll. You need powerful tools to win at this game and Winning Ponies provides them.

Michael P. from Tulsa, OK:
Rocks The Quarters at Delta For $168 Cold Exacta and $240 Super!

Saturday night 4 29 I had a tough time paying for picks on quarter horses. I considered myself good enough to do it on my own. I was wrong. Ever since l started using Winning Ponies l have hit so many bets that l wouldn't have come up with on my own. The first race tonight at Delta winning ponies had the exacta cold. 168.00 Second race Box the top five horses for the ten cent super. 240.00 Thanks Guys

Bryan G. from Whittier, CA:
Hits Two Trifectas at Aqueduct With His First E-Z Win Form!

First time purchasing the E-Z win form today and I hit two trifectas at Aqueduct. Thanks a lot guys!

Greg B. from Frisco, TX:
Scores $140 Pick 3 at Hawthorne (And Sends Proof)!

Winning Pick 3 Ticket at Hawthorne

Greg B. from Frisco, TX:
Cashes on Our Huge Remington Card For Over $1,700 (And Sends Proof)!

Winning Pick 4 Ticket at RemingtonWinning Pick 3 Tickets at Remington

Super night at Choctaw OTB. Multiple small p3 scores, but the last p3 and p4 were super $348 x 2 and $1085. Thanks

James H. from Ponchatoula, LA:
Wins $150 Prize in Our Breeders' Cup Handicapping Contest!

I would like to thank Winning Ponies for offering the free BC contest as well as their podcasts I listen to weekly on my commute to and from work. The information is a great help to my handicapping decisions. I look forward to using their selections as well in the future. Thanks again.

Dave B. from Nevada, IA:
Hits His Largest 10-Cent Super Ever - $1,315 at Laurel!

I have been familiar with you for a number of years, but was hesitant in investing in your program. After realizing I needed to improve, I came back. My first day, I most likely bet too many races. Lost, but not harming with some modest hits. On my second day using Winning Ponies, in the 5th at Laurel, 10.30.2016, I hit my largest 10 cent super ever of $1315.40,! I used second tier over first and second tier, over 7 runners in the third tier, over 9 runners. Cost $36.00. This will get me sticking with you! Thanks much for the layouts you do!

John O. from Grand Island, NY:
Scores on $20 Cold Pick 3 and $40 Double in the Saratoga Slop For Over $2,000!

Great start to my favorite month of the year!Smoked em at the Spa with your August 1 pics at Saratoga highlighted by 20$ cold pic 3 in the 5,6&7th and 40$ 5&6 DD,,,,,Many thanks and keep on Rollin!!! P..S I always say Maidens and Mud Ya'all are on top of the game were most fail,,,,Not saying normal track conditions are a bad thing but my eyes light up when I see slop

Jay C. from Buffalo, NY:
Takes Down $1,900 Pick 3 on $18 Ticket at Los Alamitos!

Using your picks I turned an $18 ticket into a $1900 payday hitting the late Pick 3 at Los Alamitos on 7/31/16/!
Thanks, again!

Greg B. from Frisco, TX:
Scores on Two Pick 3s at Woodbine!

Nice evening at The Mirage last night. 2 P3s paying $111 and half of $278 on small tickets. Thanks guys.

John O. from Grand Island, NY:
Capitalizes on Our Huge Day at Belmont, Cashing Almost $10,000!

Thanks for the 6th race pic,Cashed 4th,5th 6th pic 3 and had 10 bucks on the 5,6&7 pic 3 as well as a Duce on the tri and a 50 win bet! Just short of 10 k for the day. Looking forward to Saratoga WTG!

Jay C. from Buffalo, NY:
Hits Two Pick 3s and Pick 4 at Los Alamitos on $12 Tickets!

On $12 tickets, I had 2 pick threes and the early pick 4 at Los Alamitos which paid $1037! Awesome picks!!

Kathy M. from Concord Twp, OH:
Wins $150 in Our Preakness Handicapping Contest!

The extra contests are a great way to win too!

Thanks to Winning Ponies for the Preakness Contest win and all your great picks!

John T. from Baton Rouge, LA:
First-Time Customer Cashes $150 Trifecta in Alysheba at Churchill!

Just made my 1st purchase today...hit a 50cent trifecta for over $150 at Churchill...also have a "leg up" on the Oaks/Derby Double...not bad for my first experinence with your product !!!

Can't wait to see what I will hit next !!!

Gary F. from Greenwood, SC:
Hits Trifecta at Aqueduct For $3,500!

Winning Trifecta Ticket at Aqueduct

Last Saturday I hit a trifecta using winning ponies power ranking for race 9 at Aqueduct for $3500.00!

Frankie R. from West Palm Beach, FL:
Puts $500 to Win on Our Top Pick Nyquist in the Florida Derby!

Thanks to Winning Ponies I was able to hit a Big 'Un in the Florida Derby.While other sites had Mohaymen as the horse to beat,Winning Ponies had Nyquist on top.I placed a $500 win bet on Nyquist baby!!The rest is history.If you play the ponies as a weekend warrior or as a pro,look no further.This is the best handicapping service on the web.Betting the ponies without Winning Ponies is just a guess.Let these guys do the handicapping for you.Like me you'll be a customer for life.Keep up the good work guys!Looking forward to hitting another Big 'Un in the Derby.

John W. from Union, KY:
Scores With Our 31-1 Top Pick and COLD $265 Double at Gulfstream!

Great call on Forced Motion in the 12th at Gulfstream on Saturday. I took a chance and played $20 across. Won just over a grand! Plus the Daily Double paid $265.50 for a dollar (gave that one to my wife).

Keep up the good work!

Diane T. from Tuscon, AZ:
Loves The Ability to Change Track Conditions For Updated Selections!

I've been buying your rankings for quite awhile and first off want to say I think they are great. In particular, I *LOVE* being able to change track conditions, off turf, etc. and get automatically updated picks. To me, that is a huge mental time saver! And while I've never won any giant giant jackpots, I consistently win enough that I am net to the good with horse racing, and so making money to have so much fun on top of it is good enough for me! :)

Jay C. from Buffalo, NY:
Cashes in on Our Adjusted Muddy Selections at Sam Houston!

New to the site and am super impressed! Just had a $230 Pick 3 on a $3 bet & an $850 Pick 4 at Sam Houston yesterday using the updated selections for an off track! Love how the site is up to the minute on scratches, track conditions, etc; and incorporates them into their ratings!

Mark G. from Elizabethtown, KY:
Hits $774 Trifecta at Churchill!

Thanks. Hit the trifecta today at Churchhill for $774.00.

Bernie B. from Fort Lauderdale, FL:
Adds to Breeders' Cup Bankroll With $358 Pick 3 at Zia Park!

Hit your pic 3 at Zia last night to add to the bankroll rolling into weekend at BC.

Erin M. from Dover, NH:
Cashes Superfecta For $1,104 Profit!

I hit a nice superfecta which netted me $1,104 thanks to your picks! Much appreciated!!!

Marco T. from Clarksville, MD:
Cashes $637 on $16 Exacta Bet at Keeneland!

Keenland 9th race today I boxed your top 3 selections 4 10 11 $2.00 dollar exacta box and your top two 4 10 $2.00 exacta box. Bottom line $16.00 wager paid $637.60.

John O. from Grand Island, NY:
Turns $80 Into $1,500 in One Weekend!

Thanks for your great pics this weekend,I was betting conservative put 80 in my account sat rolled that into 600 withdrew half and smoked em yesterday highlighted by 7th &8th and 8th&9th rolling 10 dollar doubles also had the pic 4.withdrew another 800 yesterday🐎😊and still got 400 bullets in my account!

Ronald S. from Evansville, IN:
Hits 10-Cent Super For $1,030 at Arlington Park!

Hit 10 cent super $1030 on $27 dollar bet. Thanks

James H. from Beaumont, TX:
Hits Our Cold $358 Exacta in the King's Bishop at Saratoga!

Hit the $358 exacta in R-8 at Saratoga 08/29/15. Good pick!!!

Rich E. from Glendale, AZ:
Scores Big on Arlington Million Card - Hits $1,674 All-Stakes Pick 4!

Started off in the 6th race at Arlington Park hitting a nice exacta for $134. then followed up by hitting the .50 cent All Stakes Pick 4 for $1674.......Thank you for your invaluable insight

Dan D. from Annapolis, MD:
Quickly Turns a Profit Once He Gets the Hang of the E-Z Win Forms!

Love the detail thank you. I dig the analysis and risk adjusted strategies.

Starting to get the hang. Branch out to 2 tracks sat

On Thursday I bet every race on the card and last $420. I then evaluated the results (big uns) the past thirty days and realized I needed to focus on 2or3 races per card and identify races with clear favorites (expected and perceived) and key on those with W/P/S, TRI, SUPER combo with key, or box

Day 2 of EZ forms, 3 races bet. $840 profit, race 3 saratoga brought in $600 alone. Greater return and might have just been lucky. You all are pretty good with your formula

John O. from Grand Island, NY:
Rocks Saratoga and Finger Lakes Including $1,305 Pick 4!

Awesome job at the spa and FL yesterday hit the last pic 4 and 3 at Saratoga numerous times as well as to many to list from finger lakes as you guys nailed that card!!!! Cha Ching off to Saratoga I go. Thanks WP

Jeff J. from Fullerton, CA:
Had Multiple Taxable Scores This Spring!

Thank you very much for crediting back those two racecards. It proves again what a class outfit WinningPonies is.

By the way, I love the selections and data contained for each entrant....I've had several nice scores throughout the past year +! Some of my scores with help from your site are:

April 11, 2015: Oaklawn Park race 6, trifecta returned $955.40 for $1
April 17, 2015: Evangeline Downs, race 7; trifecta returned $813.80 for $1
April 24, 2015: Evangeline Downs, race 2; trifecta returned $689.80 for $1
April 24, 2015: Keeneland, race 3; trifecta returned $881.80 for $1
May 29, 2015: Evangeline Downs, race 5; trifecta returned $655.90 for $1

Those are just the ones I received a Form W-2G for....there have been numerous others. Thanks again!

Greg B. from Frisco, TX:
Nets $778 on Exacta at Lone Star!

Winning Exacta Ticket at Lone Star Park

R3 @ LSP on 711. 2 X 10 ex box 4 8 net 778

Dave S. from Vernon Hills, IL:
New Member Hits Late Pick 4 at Belmont For $994!

Won late Belmont pick 4 today for $994.00. THANK YOU! Only the second time I've used your service.Thanks again.

Frank S. from Woodbury, NY:
Wins Belmont Stakes Contest and Parlays Prize Into $1,065 With E-Z Win Form!

Thank u winning ponies won the Belmont contest u guys ran took the winnings to the track along with ur picks turned 200 into 1065 please keep up the good work.

Jack S. from Tomball, TX:
Doing Well This Year at Multiple Tracks!

I have had a pretty decent year. You guys always seem to hit one that pulls me out of the fire wherever I go. I crawl around on the tracks as far north as Remington and as far south as Evangeline. Thanks for the good research!!

And for the second time since I have been a customer, you guys refunded some money when a portion of the racing card was cancelled due to bad weather. I cant thank you enough for that.

Ramon T. from San Diego, CA:
Ramon Hits Tri and Super in Belmont Stakes!

I bet the Belmont Stakes on June 6, 2015. $1 Superfecta for a total of $285. I'm happy with it and I was able to experience a Triple Crown Winner!!!! I also hit the Trifecta for $54.00. Thanks Winning Ponies!!

Jon S. from Philadelphia, PA:
Won $300 in Our Kentucky Derby Handicapping Contest!

I've been using ever since I got into Horse Racing a few years ago. The reason I've stuck with them and keep coming back is simple, they give you the tools you need to win!

They also run great free contests for the big 3. I was the lucky winner of their Kentucky Derby contest and received a check for $300.00!

You can't ask for a better site to help guide you along the winning path to cashing instead of trashing. I'm a lifer and I hope you all are as well!

John S. from Pittsburgh, PA:
Nails Trifecta in the Derby and Preakness!

thanks to you I hit the trifecta and superfecta in the kentucky derby and the trifecta in the preakness first time using your site can not wait for the belmont to maybe win some more money and to see a triple crown winner since 1978

John L. from Louisville, KY:
John Rocks Derby and Other Races For Over $10,000 in a Week!

WinningPonies has been awesome site for me and my horse wagers. I won a 4300.00 super and a 650.00 exacta inRace 6 at Churchill last Saturday, Then cashed in on the derby with the Exacta and the Super again for another 1400.00. On Friday of this week I hit a Super at Arlington in Race 8 for 4930.00 and 630.00 exacta. I pick and chose races when the odds are high and play them hard. You won't win them all, but you don't need to win them all to stay in the Green.

Louise K. from Huntersville, NC:
Hits 4 Out of 7 Exactas at Belmont!

I like it bet seven Exactas at belmont hit 4 out of 7 one Exacta paid $177.50 on a $2 ticket thanks

Greg B. from Frisco, TX:
A Profitable Admin Appreciation Day at Lone Star Park!

Admin Appreciation Day at Lone Star Park

Thanks guys for helping these lady's cash a few at admin lunch at Lone Star this afternoon

John O. from Grand Island, NY:
Johnny Rocks Florida Derby Card For Over 6 Grand!

I have to commend you on a great day at the Gulf,I hit far to many races via WP To list but I can say I lost my voice with all the action I had yesterday and racked up over 6 k on the day.It was one of them days to remember and I thank you for making it so easy....Johnny O..P.S I loved that horse in the last race but when I purchased WPs picked it reassured me I was right and you guys nailed got a rough trip and was so much the best he just toyed with them....

Ramon T. from San Diego, CA:
Nails $800 Pick 4 at Santa Anita With $27 Ticket!

On Saturday March 7, 2015 I hit the .50 late pick 4 at Santa Anita to score $800.25. I also hit a few trifectas which brought my grand total to a little over $880.00. My pick 4 ticket cost me $27. Winning ponies is the best! Thank You so much!

Rich W. from Coeur D Alene, ID:
Cleans Up The Entire Card at Gulfstream!

Thursday feb 5.2015 gulfstreampark race 1 and 2 daily double for 85.60 race 8 and 9 8-4 exacta for 42.00 and 8-2 daily double for 33.80 race 9 and 10 2-4 daily double for 300.60 and also race 9 2-1 exacta for 94.80 race 10 and 11 4-6 daily double for 772.00and exacta for 113.00 once again winning ponies comes through for me and hits me very good ive said before this site is great and thank you once again

Robert H. from Sherwood, AR:
New Member Hits $183 Trifecta at Sunland Park!

I know I have spent less than $100 at this site and I finally got my money back this past weekend.

Race 8
$1 Trifecta 6-4-3 $183.10

Chad F. from Dundas, MN:
Makes $700 In An Hour Playing Charles Town!

I wanted to write in quick and say thanks for the awesome tips so far! I just won $560 on a long shot you called at Charles Town tonight. I turned on my computer to check a couple emails and decided on a whim to see if any races were running. Charles Town was about to go off and I quickly put in my order, did a quick once over on the EZ Win form and liked your top pick. A 1st time starter with some strong works. Long story short after a mild Win/Place bet and a couple other tips I followed, I'm logging off up $700 in about an hour. Not a bad end of the night. This is just the most recent time among many where the cost of Winning credits has more than paid off! So here's me saying a huge Thank$$$ and signing off. Once again having more than paid for your services by your advice!

Gratefully and forever a loyal customer,

George E. from Linthicum Heights, MD:
Cashing Pick 3s and Pick 4s at Sam Houston!

Thanks for refund of Sam Houston Track credits on 1232015 without even asking. Your tips at Sam Houston have paid off for me last week with the pick 3's and 4's. On Jan 16th hit all the pick 3's and one pick 4. It was a day to remember. Keep up the good work...

Tim B. from Richmond, TX:
Hits Pick 4 at Sam Houston For $1,896 on $27 Ticket!

Winning Pick 4 Ticket at Sam Houston Paid $1,896

I had a great opening weekend at Sam Houston Race Park, thanks to Winning Ponies. I hit the late 50 cent pick 4 Saturday night that paid $1,896. My ticket price was only $27 because WP picked every winner. I attached a photo of my winning ticket. Thanks WP.

Rich W. from Coeur D Alene, ID:
Hopes to Continue His Winning Ways in the New Year!

thank you once again for the new years credits. the simulcast place I use is closed due to reconstruction and expansion for 2 to 3 months so haven't been doing much betting but once the place is open, back I go.thank you winning ponies for all the money you won me last year and may your year be a great one

Vonnail M. from Virginia Beach, VA:
Looks Forward to Profitable New Year!

Thanks for the extra credits. I'm gearing up for a very nice profitable new year with you guys. You guys are number 1!!! No one beats winning-ponies!!!

Ben R. from Wilton, NY:
Scores on 8-1 Winner in San Gabriel at Santa Anita!

Thank You for the free credits. Hit a nice $40 win bet on Finnegans Wake in the San Gabriel.

Tom R. from Dade City, FL:
New Member Hits Exacta at Gulfstream!

Hi just to say thanks have been watching races and checking results today I took advice you all posted for gulfstream 10th race and boxed the 2/4/14 for $1 got great pay back win $62.40 thanks will be making purchase soon thanks again

Mark A. from Fort Lauderdale, FL:
Takes Down Half the Trifecta Pool at Delta Downs For Over $9,000!

Winning Trifecta Wagers

Another testimonial, took down 1/2 the pool.

I put in two x 30.00 bets at Delta Downs.

Got back 9032.00 ROCKS!!

Albert S. from Las Vegas, NV:
Hits Two Pick 4s in One Night For Over $6,600!

Just wanted to thank you for the great score yesterday. Hit the late pick 4 at Mountaineer for 930.00 then the late pick 4 at Los Alamitos for 5700.00.

Mark A. from Fort Lauderdale, FL:
Takes One Day To Surpass Biggest Win With $311,452 Payday in BC Turf Sprint!

Breeders' Cup Turf Sprint Winning Tickets

Mark makes the score of a lifetime in the Breeders' Cup Turf Sprint, a day after making over $100,000 on Friday's Breeders' Cup card. He hit $3000 to Win, $300 Exacta, $50 Trifecta and $25 Superfecta for a grand total of $311,452! His Superfecta ticket represented 40% of the winning tickets!

Justin K. from Boca Raton, FL:
Nails BC Saturday Late Pick 4 For His Biggest Score Ever - $18,335!

Just hit the pick 4 tonight at the breeders cup. Thank god they let bayern stay up. Thanks for all your help. I've been using your site for 2 years. This is the biggest score I've hit. 0.50 P4 paid 18000 Thanks again Winning Ponies

Tim B. from Richmond, TX:
Scores Monster $556 Breeders' Cup Mile / Classic Double!

My ticket cost was $40 4,5,12,14 / 6,7,8,11,12 Because of Winning Ponies picks I had the 14 at 30 to 1 over the 7 at 7 to 1 for a $556 dollar payout. No way I would have included the 14 if not for the excellent advice of Winning Ponies. I'm a subscriber for life. Thanks Guys

Mark A. from Fort Lauderdale, FL:
Destroys Friday Breeders' Cup Card For His Biggest Win Ever - Over $100,000!

Breeders' Cup Friday Pick 5 TicketBreeders' Cup Friday Pick 6 Ticket

I thought you would enjoy these pictures. Its the first time I won >100k at the track in 25+ years of track betting. To say that I am a happy new subscriber is an understatement!! Excellent job and great advice, Thank you!!!

Annemarie S. from Massapequa, NY:
Hits All The Pick 3s and Pick 4s on Friday Breeders' Cup Card!

Nice job on the Pick 3's and 4's. I signed in after the first race. Wow - could really kick myself for missing the pick 5 ($7700). But your picks were spot on - hit all the pick 3's and pick 4s. thanks for a fine job. as always. I have been using your picks for four years. This was one of the best performances ever!!!

Rich W. from Coeur D Alene, ID:
Hits Multiple Races on Friday Breeders' Cup Card!

race 1-win on #3 and exacta for 96.40
race 2--3-9 daily double for 128.60
race 4-win on #10 for 25.00
race6-win on #5 for 14.00

Marco T. from Columbia, MD:
Kills Remington With $1,225 Exacta and $2,121 Pick 3 Thanks to 69-1 Winner!

You had the EX in the 8th race a $2.00 ex box (top 2) paid 1225.40. Also Pick 3 races 7-8-9, your top selections paid 2,121.20. Great night. I tweeted this.

Michael T. from Granite City, IL:
Nails Pick 4 at Indiana Grand For Over $8,600!

thx for the wonderful job on 107 at Indiana. I hit the pick 4 for 8400 plus

Nick L. from Trenton, NJ:
Rocked Saratoga All Summer With Crazy Payoffs!

I have been playing Saratoga since they opened in july and have been hitting crazy paying exacta's and trifecta's all because of WinningPonies Sign up and win today

Ronald S. from Ann Arbor, MI:
Takes Down Huge $18,324 Pick 6 at Del Mar!

I won the Del Mar P6 when your picks were 5 out of 6, added some of my own to the second leg. $18,324

Steve J. from Watervliet, NY:
New Member Makes $320 on One Race at Saratoga!

Great site I hit a 2 exacta and 1 trifecta yesterday at Saratoga in the 9th race for 320.

John O. from Grand Island, NY:
Has Killer Day at Saratoga!

It was one of them magical Winning ponies day.You guys nailed that card and so did I.ended the day with the late pic 3 and 4 as well as the horse you had singled in the 5 th buried to start the day and ripped em up from there!Thanks you guys make this game look easy!

John O. from Grand Island, NY:
Johnny Gets a $2,200 July 4th Present at Belmont!

Thanks for making my fourth a happy one had 1 2 nd race pic 3 s multiple times also had early double and missed pic 4 and 5 on the last leg netted 22 hundo that 2 horse in the second rolled at the tune of 66.00 bucks awesome sstuff!Happy fourth and keep em coming Saratoga coming soon...

Walter C. from Aguanga, CA:
Cashes Superfecta For Over $800 at Santa Anita!

Must commend your skillset. Your research led me to a Superfecta hit at Santa Anita in the 8th yesterday for $810.25. A believer in Winningponies.

Matt B. from Hartford, CT:
Gets Banned By Wagering Site For Winning Too Much!

After finding your website, I hit a Indiana Grand race 9 trifecta, exacta, and win, which paid $2386, $308, and $94. I've then hit other races, pick 3's, pick 4's, etc. One pick 3 paid $757. Sometimes I make multiple bets on the same horse as the odds change up to post.

The people I place bets with banned me from what they consider "Class D" tracks, and Ruisodo is listed as one of those. When I called their customer support, they said the reason I cannot bet at this track is because they have noticed certain "betting trends". They were very vague and then stating that the decision is final and there would be no exceptions. They have all the race tracks categorized as Class A, B, C, D tracks. They stated there would be no restrictions on Class A, B tracks(Belmont, Churchill, Santa Anita, Mountaineer, Golden Gate, etc.) But Class C tracks(Charlestown, Lone Star, Delaware, Penn National) I am only allowed to bet $10 maximum on Win, place, show/ $1 exacta, tri, super bets. So If I place a .10cent super bet, then I cannot place a second $1 super bet on the same combo of horses. No $2 exactas, tris. Also, Class D tracks(Ruisido, Australia A,B,C, Hoosier, Indiana Downs, Canterbury, Delta, Emerald, Los Alamitos, Finger Lakes, Evangeline, Prairie Meadows, Thistledown, Woodbine, 20 others) I am banned from betting lol. I have since found another website that I will apparently not run into these issues and can bet any track. The problem is funding that account with the other winnings will take some time. In the meanwhile, I am dealing with the Class A, B, C tracks so thanks for the credits back. I was going to write again about the Mountaineer card where they had lighting issues and canceled the remainder of the card, but your staff wrote me first and issued credits back, nice job!

Erkan S. from London, UK:
Member From The UK Loves Our Uncanny Strike Rate!

Hi there, I'm from the uk and just want to say your site is brilliant and your strike rate is uncanny. Thank you so much and please keep this site going forever, your fees pay for themselves from the very first race! Keep up the good work.

Where have you been all of my life!

From an extremely happy customer!

John O. from Grand Island, NY:
Johnny Cleans Up Thanks to Our First Time Starter Picks at Belmont!

Another perfect example of why you guys rock.Maiden races are the hardest bets in the game and also pay the best.1st time starter rolled and the heavy favorite you guys picked last are my favorite plays.I hit em hard win bet ex,tri and super.wtg go like I said before don't know how you do it and don't care just keep em coming!!!!!

Luann J. from Dallas, TX:
Wins The Grand Prize in Our Kentucky Derby Contest With Cold Trifecta!

Thank you so much.........i received the $300 check yesterday and still could not believe this...........I will for sure be purchasing products from your site in the future.......but, I made the picks that won the contest "on my own" with no ones help......maybe you would like to hire me on your staff......LOL

Thanks again and have a great day.

Rich W. from Coeur D Alene, ID:
Hits Six Races on Derby Card!

ok.once again winning ponies makes money for me. Churchill downs may 3rd 2014. 1st race win money on#8 8.80 2nd race 1-3 exacta 37.20 and daily double for 29.20. race 4 2-7 exacta 133.00. race 5 win on #9 10.80. race #7 win on #1 5.20 and 8th race win on #5 14.40 and exacta for 63.00. once again winning ponies makes this Idaho guy money .thank you

Matt M. from Tampa, FL:
Makes Several Monster Scores at Tampa and Keeneland!

I just wanted to send a big "thank you" for the your picks! But more importantly, for helping me learn how to look for different "angles" when I handicap!

I don't bet every race but instead try to choose the best race with highest R.O.I., and for me, that isn't easy. That is until I incorporated "" into my handicapping!!

In the past week I have scored big because of your picks: Tampa (4-18-14) Race 3- I hit the Exacta and Superfecta! Keeneland (4-24-14) Races 6 and 8- I hit the Exacta, Tri and Super in both races (NO ONE Keyed #12 (19-1) in Race 6 except you)!!

Keep up the great work,

Martin P. from Valico, FL:
Nails Exacta, Trifecta and Super at Keeneland For $1,738 In One Race!

I hit the $4 exacta, .50 tri and .20 super with 4,6,7,1. These were 4 of your top 5 won $1738.00.

Great job and thanks!!!!!

Greg B. from Frisco, TX:
Hits Both Pick 4s and Three Pick 3s at Santa Anita!

Been a while since able to get to West coast track, but even a chalky day WP guided me to 3 P3s and both P4s with largest wager on any play was $18. The find of the day was the 2 in the 4th. Thanks guys.

Thomas W. from Clarksville, TN:
Turns $100 Into Over $2,500 Playing 5 Races at Hawthorne!

After a couple of weeks of bad luck and my system of apparently playing your picks the wrong way...I'm back! $100 starting bankroll is over $2500 playing only races 5-9! Thanks for helping me turn this around!

Danny T. from Fayetteville, AR:
Danny Rocks Oaklawn Again; Hits 5 Pick 3s and Late Pick 4!

I just sent you a testimonial from last Saturday but had to send another! I hit 5 pick 3's and the late pick 4 to end the day today simply by playing your top 2 picks in each bet.Hallelujah!!!

Danny T. from Fayetteville, AR:
Cleans Up at Oaklawn in Multiple Races!

I just wanted to say thanks for your picks yesterday at oaklawn!! The wife and I bet your top picks each race and had 4 winners.On top of that we played your top 2 picks in the pick-3 and hit in race 3thru5 nicely.But the kicker for the day came late when we hit the tri and super in the 11th.Ate well last night and plenty left in the kitty for our return trip in April for Derby week.Stay hot my friends!! (:

John O. from Grand Island, NY:
Johnny Strikes Again; This Time For Over $12,000 at Aqueduct!

Awesome day at The bid A today your picks were right on the money and I'm in the money.I hit the late pic 4 had 6 dollar ticket also nailed the late pic for 20 and 7th race trip and super among a few other bets and came home with over 12k Absolutely incredible day at the office Thanks for your awesome pics Vegas here I come!!!!!

John O. from Grand Island, NY:
Lines His Pockets With $100 Bills at Gulfstream!

Once again your picks lined my pockets with 100 dollar bills.Hit way to many bets to post them all but all I can say is you guys nailed that card.

Thomas W. from Clarksville, TN:
Tom Scores Again at Mountaineer - A Cold Superfecta!

You guys have done it again! Thank you!
Mar. 9,2014 Mountaineer 7 $2.00 SU 5 / 6 / 4 / 3 $2.00 $128.60

Craig A. from La Habra, CA:
Turns $8 Bet Into $512 At Santa Anita!

Won $512 on an exacta in race 10 at Santa Anita. Boxed two horses, cost me $8 for a $4 box. Plus, bought my bartender a ticket for a $1 box...she got $128. Had some smaller wins on single bets. Walked out of park with $750 more than I walked in with. I just "followed the program"...these guys know what they are doing !

Thomas W. from Clarksville, TN:
WP Saves The Day at Delta Downs With $700 Superfecta!

You guys saved the day! I don't know how you make your selections but today was nearly fatal for my bankroll. From $640 down to$50 when I placed my final bet on the $2 Superfecta in Delta's nightcap. I boxed the top four and once again, you guys saved the day with a nearly $700 payoff! This is the ONLY source I'll use from now on and I can't wait to see if we can do more at Mountaineer this weekend!

Thomas W. from Clarksville, TN:
Cashes In On Our Cold Exacta With 35-1 Top Choice at Mountaineer!

3/5 Mountaineer R2 #8 AUDTON
$30 WPS Paid $493
$6 EXACTA BOX #3,5,8 Paid $85.20
TOTAL RETURN $578.20!!!
This hat must be good luck!

Martin P. from Valrico, FL:
Nails Exacta at Aqueduct With 24-1 Shot For Over $250!

I bet you top 2 choices which one happenned to be a 24-1 shot. It was a $7 exacta #7 / #1. It paid $77.00 for $2......Thanks

Jake J. from Ardmore, OK:
Praises Our Recent Success at Gulfstream!

You had six winners on top and 1 winning second choice at Gulfstream thursday. Man am I impressed! A day or so back you killed the pick 3's at Gulfstream with your top 3 picks. I've just got to figure out how to maximize the leverage your system gives. I'm open to suggestions.

Vonnail M. from Virginia Beach, VA:
Turns $250 Into Over $5,000 in Two Days at Gulfstream!

I have to tell you that you guys are amazing. First, I bought my 40 credits and later,I deposited $247.00 into my account. On Saturday, Feb. 22 at Gulfstream, I placed pick 3 and pick 4 bets. The first race started things off well with #11 Divine Oath winning the first race. I hit a $240.10 pick 3 in the third race,a $119.30 pick 3 in the fourth race, and a $123.80 pick 4 in the fifth race. On Sunday Feb. 23, big things happened at Gulfstream. I hit a huge pick 3 in the ninth race for $1,537.50 and a big pick 4 for $3,024.50 in the 11th race. Race 10 saved the pick 4 when Dangerous Trick was disqualified and you guys had #6 Two Minute Lick in the top three. I went from less than $250 in my account to over $5,000 in 2 days!!! I won a trifecta a few years ago with you guys and I decided to finally get the courage to go for it. I was one of those guys who watched your customers win for years, but was to afraid to take a chance. Let go of fear and anything is possible. What a blessing it is to be part of your site and thank God for winningponies!!!

Thomas W. from Clarksville, TN:
Makes Biggest Score of His Life at Sam Houston!

THANKS! Hit $1 super @ Sam Houston Race 7 for $384.80. Biggest return to date!!!! Almost DOUBLE the previous biggest return (that was a $200 pick 4)!

Rick K. from Scarborough, ON:
Learns Our System and Cashes For Over $5,000 in a Week!

Well the first few purchases didn't go all that well, had to learn your system and break from my old & bad betting habits.

This week I have cashed in for over $5000.

Very Cool

Bob B. from Rochester, NY:
Loves The WP Website!

Your website is awesome. I am retired and was in advertising, marketing and graphic design for over 40 years. One thing about your website it is attractive, logo is great and it is user friendly (very important). I cannot wait to start betting. I feel like a kid at Christmas.

Rich W. from Coeur D Alene, ID:
Rich Scores Again - Rocks 3 Tracks For Almost $800!

using your selections for friday jan 31st 2014 gulfstream park race 4 hit the 1-3 exacta for $26.00 race 6 hit the pic 3 for $63.00 race 10 hit the 8-7 exacta for 46.60 fairgrounds race 1 hit the 4-2 exacta $36.80 race 3 4-3 exacta for $52.20 race 6 3-4 exacta paying $105.40 santa anita race 3 4-3 exacta paying $67.60 race5 exacta 1-8 paying $79.20 and trfecta 1-8-4 paying $314.00 and all due to winning ponies selections. once again your slections made me money .........u people rock

Rich W. from Coeur D Alene, ID:
Hits Multiple Exactas at Aqueduct!

thank you once again.i used your selections 2 weeks ago for aqueduct and won many exactas.i still have people saying wow how u doing that and keep telling them winning ponies makes my selections.will be using your selections again on sat feb 2nd.

Joe C. from Riverside, CA:
Makes $75 in Two Minutes at Gulfstream!

Just a BIG THANK YOU!!! for this service. Made $75.20 on a $4 Exacta box on Race 3 at Gulfstream this past Saturday, January 25. The fastest money I made in 2 minutes.

Frank L. from Miami, FL:
Destroys Gulfstream and Santa Anita Again, Turns $25 Into $4,000!

You guys did it again!!! Today I hit today Sunday 1/5 at Gulf a p-4 races 2-5 for $1 (investment of $18) which paid $1,764.80. I then hit at SA a .50 cents p-4 in races 6-9 (investment of $37.50) which paid $1,409.05. Since Friday 1/3 I rolled a $25 original bankroll into a $4,000 return. Way to go Winning Ponies!!!!

Frank L. from Miami, FL:
Hits Gulfstream and Santa Anita in Same Day For Almost $1,000!

WP is the best handicapping service I have ever used. 2 days ago Friday 1/3 I hit a p-4 at Gulf for $643.50 in races 2-5 then I hit a p-3 at Santa Anita in races 6-8 which paid $234.80. Way to go Winning Ponies. You guys rock!!!

Richard S. from Shreveport, LA:
Loves His Free WinningPonies Baseball Cap!


Roger D. from Carrollton, TX:
Hits 3 Exactas in a Row at Turf Paradise!

I played three (3) races on turf paradise today and won (3) exactas in a row ----------WOW. YOU GUYS ARE TOPS!!
also thank you for your e-mail yesterday explaining the numbers. Thank you again.

Richard S. from Shreveport, LA:
Nails Belmont Pick 4 For Over $3,600!

That was a great hit on the Pick 4--using all in the last leg. I was live to the 67. Way to GEAUX

Rich W. from Coeur D Alene, ID:
Back To Having Fun and Winning With WinningPonies!

back to having fun and betting again after being laid off work for over a year but now this Idaho guy is back to getting the best selections ever winning ponies

once again i used winning ponies selections and played belmont on sept 11th and hit the exacta 2 7 boxed for over 200.00 dollars and had 5 dollars on the 7 to win and the 2 dollar win was 56.00. great job once again winning ponies

Dennis D. from Weymouth, MA:
Loves The "Winning Ponies" Radio Show!

Love John's radio show on Thurs nites. Listen all the time. Been a long time saratoga fan going back many years with my Dad until his recent passing. We sit out back and watch the guys and horses in the paddock area {just a few feet away} it's great! Your Lukas comments hit home and just wanted to say that at 78 years old the man still gives a "leg-up" to all his jocks! What a great horseman!

Todd P. from Laguna Niguel, CA:
Jim O.'s Best Friend Hits Del Mar Pick 5 For $4,322!

My best friend Jim O. of Dana Point turned me on to your website and I visited it when the free pick for the Arlington Million weekend. I didn't have an account but played the free picks, somehow I placed tied for first and lost in the tie breaker but picked up the prize of 50WC's but I didn't have an account. So to collect I signed up and was awarded my 50WC's. Last weekend I purchased the Del Mar Card and started wagering on Sunday September 1st. I PLAYED A $36.00 P5 TICKET AND HIT FOR $4322.00

ALL I CAN SAY IS: Un F-ing BELIEVABLE. Thanks for the help. And Thanks to my buddy Jim O.

Jim O. from Dana Point, CA:
Jim and His Friend Close Out Del Mar Meet With a Bang!

Hey Guys
Sorry to see Del Mar end! I am heading out to Pomona tomorrow (my hometown), hurry and get the Fairplex info online for Friday!!

Have to tell you. I did hit the P5 last Wednesday 8/28 for $10,275.95 and the P4 on Friday 8/30 for $1,325.00!!

But I really wanted to tell you about my friend, Todd Phillips. I turned him on to WP a few weeks ago. He signed up, hit the P5 on Labor Day at Del Mar for $4,322.65!!

The moral of the story... tell a friend about WP!

Ben R. from Wilton, NY:
Scores $1,324 Pick 4 at Del Mar (And Sends Proof)!

Ben's $1324 Pick 4 at Del Mar

Although you did have #4 cardio royale in your top tier in race 5, I liked what I saw in the pps. With that said, I did not like the #9 in race 4 but YOU did so I included him in my template. Race 6, I love Midnight Lute horses and you had the 8 in your top tier. For the finale, the 6 horse was ranked 2nd and was my top pick of the card. thanks again, I could not have hit this without you. $1324!!

Ron C. from Denton, TX:
Newbie Makes $1,000 Playing River Downs and Finger Lakes!

Thanks for the answer. Had a nice day today at River Downs. Last race of the day and I had the 1/2/5 for DD, Pick 3, Pick 4 and Pick 5. So I bet $100 to Win on all the other horses in that last race. And of course the 3 horse won it after the 2 horse scratched. Seems kinda jinky to me, but hey I still ended up about 1,000 ahead after betting River Downs and Finger Lakes today. Thanks for the service it is proving to be very helpful. Especially the more I learn.

Michael K. from Export, PA:
Nails Del Mar Pick 3 For $838!

Studied the WP horse ratings for Del Mar for the first pick 3 and scored 838 dollars. I can feel a pick 6 coming in the future. I'm using your "monster workout" ratings with past performance. Along with the tier rating it's been working out well.

Michael K. from Export, PA:
Takes Down $410 Trifecta at Saratoga Using Our E-Z Win™ Tier System!

Used your tier system on the trifecta in the second race and won 410 bucks. Lets bring in a pick 6 soon. Thanks!

Juan R. from Tampa, FL:
Calls The WP E-Z Win™ Form "The Most Valuable" Handicapping Tool!

Keep up the great work and effort. From my experience you picks have been the most valuable of all programs or any other source that I have used in the past.

Jim O. from Dana Point, CA:
Strikes For Third Time In a Week at Del Mar With $7,124 Pick 5!

Unbelievable weekend at Del Mar! After I hit the pick 5 and 4 on Wednesday and Thursday for $1115.00 and $668.00, I hit the pick 5 on Saturday with a $54.00 ticket for $7,124.35!

Here is the video of me and my crew during Trevor's call in race 5, Splendiferous Moon in the stretch. My wife and I have hosted a group of 28 every year for the past 7 years, the Poolside Pony Pickers. Needless to say, it was a thrill for me and our guests there on Saturday!

I really like the format of your handicapping tool!


Mark S. from San Diego, CA:
Nails $1,337 Late Pick 4 at Del Mar!

I may not have hit the pick six thanks to the inquiry that went without DQ in the first race... But I did hit the late pick 4 for $1337.70... Thank you for the great work! And please keep it up! :)

Jim O. from Dana Point, CA:
Jim Follows Up The Next Day With $668 Pick 4 at Del Mar!

Just thought I would let you know, I followed up my winning pick 5 bet at Del mar on Thursday, with a winning pick 4 yesterday for $668.00!!!!!

Jim O. from Dana Point, CA:
New Member Takes Down Pick 5 at Del Mar For $1,115!

I just signed up for the Del Mar meet a few days ago. This saves me a lot of time by highlighting key handicapping areas I normally focus on using DRF (class drops turf to dirt workouts lay offs etc )there is still some work to determine other factors but I did hit the Pick 5 today at Del Mar!

A 0.50 bet with a 16.00 ticket returned 1115.50

Date Time Transaction # Platform Track Amount Type Horses # Bet Total Payout
Jul. 24 2013 1055 AM D81 Online Gaming Del Mar 1 0.50 P5 1 47 28 56 14911 16.00 1115.50

Tom H. from Upland, CA:
Hits "Un-freakin-believable" 10-Cent Superfecta For $1,324 at Belmont!

Un-freakin-believable! I hit the .10 superfecta Belmont Race 4 today! $1324.75. Thank you!!!

Beverly R. from Winnipeg, MB:
New Member Hits Superfecta at Assiniboia Downs For $215!

Wow signed up yesterday and bought the picks for today and Sat. Looked at them earlier today and then was out til just before the 7th race at Assiniboia my home track. Quickly bet a win bet didn't win but did hit the .20 cent superfecta for 215.00. I'm impressed. Thanks

Reuben F. from Montclair, CO:
Nails Exacta, Trifecta and Win Bet With 7-1 Winner at Los Alamitos!

Thanks, WP

Hit the exacta, trifecta, and picked the winner R9 at Los Alamitos 5/31/13 using your ez-win sheets

Kelly C. from Houston, TX:
Hits $1 Tri For $600 at Belmont Using His First E-Z Win™ Form!

I decided to try your site's forms for the first time at the May 22 races at Belmont. Hit a $1 Tri for just shy of $600.

John O. from Grand Island, NY:
Rocks 2013 Oaks and Derby Cards For Over $5,500!

Your picks for derby day were amazing had 8th 9th 10th and 11th cold..hit for $5500 on derby day and fri i had the 7th race tri and super,also woulda need an armored truck if i woulda used the horse you picked 2nd in the 7th.....Amazing job folks gonna be a good summer im thinkin!!!!

Chris W. from Whitesboro, NY:
Cashes In On 2013 Derby For $1,400!

By the way, just want to let you know that I scored on the 2013 Kentucky Derby. I really liked Orb, Revolutionary, and Normady Invasion. Although your picks weren't directly on the money they helped me structure my 50 cent Tri-bets. I used 16 / 3,5,8,12 / All - which did not win. However, I also reversed it -- 16 / all / 3,5,8,12 -- which did win! Both of these bets cost $34/each. Although I lost on about 15-20 other tickets, after O.T.B. took their final cut of the money I walked away with about $1400. It was a good Derby Day!!!!!

Andrew M. from Cairo, NE:
Hits $166 Pick 3 at Beulah On $13.50 Ticket!

Buy the form for Beulah bet a 50 cent pick 3 using your top 3 in each race for 13.50 total ticket and hit the bet for $166 thank you!!

Shawn C. from Denton, TX:
Nails $1,031 Exacta at Evangeline - His Biggest Win Ever!

I hit a $1,031.40 Exacta! my biggest win ever Thanks!!

Gaudencio L. from Palo Alto, CA:
Cashes Over $3,000 at Golden Gate With $67.50 Wager!

On Feb. 9, 2013, I won the final Pick 3 and the late Pick 4 at Golden Gate Fields. I won $3088.50 with a $67.50 total wager. Your picks were right on that day. I'm very impressed.

Dennis R. from Clearwater, FL:
Dennis Makes Three Big Scores In One Day!

The good days at the track keep happening and happening and happening! Monday, I hit a $201.36 (Race 4 Beulah), $332.55 (Race 5 Mountaineer) and $499.95 (Race 9 Mountaineer).This is just too much fun!

Ben R. from Wilton, NY:
Rocks Santa Anita and Mountaineer On His Birthday!

You guys were on fire tonight (04-06) which by the way is my birthday:

April 6 6:57 PM Santa Anita 9 $2.00 P3 (PWHL)1, 5 / 4, 9, 10 / 1, 3, 9 $36.00 $321.20

April 6 9:04 PM Mountaineer Park 6 $2.00 P3 (PWHL)1, 7 ,8, 9 / 1 / 1, 8, 10 $24.00 $420.80

Thanks again....Ben

Dennis R. from Clearwater, FL:
Newbie Turns $100 Into Over $2,000 In Less Than a Month

One month ago, I was invited to attend the races at Tampa Bay Downs. As a beginner, I quickly blew through my $150 bank roll as I basically guessed at each race. Even though I lost some money, we had a really great time with friends and decided to go back the next week. This time, however, I had the bright idea to do some research on the web. A quick Google search allowed me to stumble upon Even though the 40 WC minimum was a bit hard to swallow, I was determined not to lose. So, I bought the picks and spent a few hours looking at past results. Armed with the picks and what I saw as some trends in the picks, I took off back to the track. Because I had a limited bankroll, I was playing $.20 Supers. On the third race I hit a $345 pick. At that point, I was hooked. I convinced my wife to let me open an online account with $100. The site matched the $100 as an incentive to join. That was three weeks ago. Today, because of, I have deposited $1700 back into my checking account, and I still have over $500 in my bankroll to keep picking winners. A few days ago I hit a $.50 Super Bet at Mountaineer (Race 7) which cashed in a little over $600. The big haul happened last night on a .20 Superfecta Box that hit at Tampa for $1913. A $4.80 bet coupled with the research of winningponies turned into almost $2000. I am having fun and winning and it is all because of winningponies. Thanks for all you do and keep up the great work!

Shane H. from Las Vegas, NV:
Shane Loves Our Top Tier Longshots!

I think anyone can look at the ML, Current odds or go with track picks and pick a winning horse a decent amount of the time. BUT when you pick a 15-1 sled horse and a 10-1 dog as top picks and they finish 1,2 now thats bragging rights! I love your site and I think you guys are fricken GENIUSES! How you do it? I can only imagine a huge brain! LOL. GREAT JOB! I know absolutely NOTHING about handicapping but man the people at the pay cage think I'm some kinda freak quick study! HAHA! I went from not even knowing what to say placing a bet to actually winning and doing it from your longshot picks! Im making money at horse racing and the only thing I know is how to type in! :)

John O. from Grand Island, NY:
Takes Down $120 Double 30 Times Thanks to Our 10-1 First Time Starter!

I use your system alot.Been real busy movin to Fla but I did manage to make a nice score at gulfstream last week,Joe Bravo gave one of his boys the nod and WP had a horse singled in a maiden race the following race so I bet a $60 DD He won and wp single won the next race at 10to1 and the dd paid 120..My fav angle with Wp is first time maidens dunno how they do it don't care but that's how I have made scores over and over!

Eric C. from Stanville, KY:
Big Time Horseplayer Looks Forward to a Profitable 2013 With WinningPonies!


I spend over $100,000 a year on horse racing and I can tell you without hesitation or reservation that your site is the best. Thank you providing such an awesome service. I may actually make money this year instead of losing so much.

Thanks again.

Joseph T. from Sacramento, CA:
Cashes Late Pick 4 at Turf Paradise For $363!

I was able to use your system to cash in $363.10 on the late pick 4 at Turf Paradise on 1/16/13! Thanks again, WP!!!

John B. from Fairport, NY:
John Nets Over $3,200 On $11 in Bets at Charles Town!

On 1/8 I used your rankings to hit a $1 Pick 3 for $2,207.50 at Charles Town. 1st race I used two higher odds due to Monster Workout and 1st time Lasix. 2nd race used your 1st and 3rd choices. 3rd race played the top two choices. Nice return on an $8 bet. In race 2 I keyed the 3rd horse (good odds) with your other top 3 choices and hit the 50 cent Superfecta for $1,012.75 on a $3 bet. I'm not really a handicapper so I put your info to good use.

James H. from Alsip, IL:
First Timer Makes Killing at Penn National and Delta Downs!

What a night last night ! First night of buying picks here, and wow what a night it was! I ordered Penn and Delta and i could hear $$ bells ringing after every race. From winners to tris to supers!! What more can you ask for!? Ill be the first one to admit i dont always believe peoples reviews but now i know that this site is legit! I can not wait to purchase again tonight! Also they have been extremely helpful! Thank you!!

John O. from Grand Island, NY:
Takes Advantage of Our 9 Winner Sweep at Finger Lakes!

I hit way to many things to post all the races I hit with you picks on this card. I can say it was highlighted by early dd early and late pic four and i had 3rd 4th 5th race pic3 for 30bucks and it paid 177 also had dd with that bomber in the 4th. 9 out of 9 solid winners wtg folks christmas will be very good this year. You guys Rock! Thanks Johnny O.

P.s. post that entire card. Im assuming you will have some new customers from rochester. i gave them that 4th race tri COLD as well as both pic 4s they were blown away

Ben R. from Wilton, NY:
"Strokes" $290 Trifecta at Mountaineer!

Stroked $2 Trifecta in the finale at Mountaineer today using your plays. You guys had that race pegged. Also hit show bet on the #2 horse, who kicked off at 45-1!!
November 4 Mountaineer Park Race 9 $2.00 SHOW $2.00 $10.80
November 4 Mountaineer Park Race 9 $2.00 TRI (PWHL)1,7/2,7,9/1,2,10 $20.00 $290.20

Kempton K. from Yorba Linda, CA:
Nails 2012 Breeders' Cup Marathon For $564!

Thank you Thank you Thank you played a 2 exacta box in friday's race 5 at the breeder's cup with your top 4 picks AND had a 2 wps on 4 horse. Paid 564 You da man

Albert L. from Waterford, NY:
Another Member Scores On The 2012 Breeders' Cup Marathon!

Just Hit $1 ex $252 and $2 win $36.40, Race 5 Friday

John O. from Grand Island, NY:
Johnny Crushes Them All Month And Buys a Harley For Cash!

Ready to roll in the BC love your pick in the 6th and 9th today,been layin a little low and looking foward to Saratoga 2013 I crushed them all month via your picks. Bought a sweet Harley paid cash and still got a shoebox with a little stash in it! Thanks

Christopher R. from Sanford, FL:
Nails Exacta and Tri at Calder For $596 on $41 Investment!

HI I just hit the tri and EXBC played your numbers 1 key the 47 with 247892489 paid out 476.40 nice hit and the 1 EX BX 24789 pay me 120.20 total of the race cost 41.00 got back 596.60. Thank you Winning Ponies for the great site. first big hit of the day. missed out on WPS on the 4 didn't get it in on time....

William M. from Naperville, IL:
William Strikes Again With Pick 4 at Hastings For $668!

Just bet the late pick 4 at Hastings with your top tier horses in each race. Races 7, 8, and 10 had 3 horses, and you had a single in race 9. The $27 bet returned $668.55. Thanks again.

Robert Y. from Phoenix, MD:
First Time Member Hits Two Exactas at Timonium!

Just a note to say "Thank You" for your selections at Timonium on August 31. First time I have used your service and went home a winner following your pics. Two Exactas, i.e. 1st and 3rd races both paid $51.20 and many horses were in the money even thought I only bet Exactas.

Thanks again and I look forward to future winnings!

John O. from Grand Island, NY:
John Cashes In On First Five Cold Winners at Saratoga!

Your picks were incredible @ saratoga started the day with 1st 5 winners COLD!!!! then to end the day i had $10 pics going with 9 and 11 in the last race and they were paying huge,so to avoid let down i used the 3rd horse you picked over the 9&11 (your 1 and 2 pics)resulting in $655 tri that i had 5 times ;)also note the 9 got got pushed out 5 lanes coming down the stretch by the winner or he woulda won.Been on amazing roll via your pics,been at this games for many years and never had anything like the sucess i have had since throwing the form away and letting you guys figure it out.Keep on rollin

William M. from Naperville, IL:
Nails Superfecta in 2012 Travers - $1,033 on a $15 Ticket!

I just purchased the 12th race at Saratoga - The Travers Stakes. Your top three picks all finished in the top 4 (including a dead hit for first), and the other top 4 finisher was in your second tier. I hit the 10 cent super for $1,033.65 on a $15 ticket. Unbelievable! Thanks so much, and keep on giving us winners. I don't know how you do it, but keep on doing it!

SAR #12 $0.10 Superfecta



As you can see, I took your 3 horses on the first ticket as 1st and 2nd, and on the second ticket I took them 1st and third. I left off the bottom three horses. The first ticket cost $18, the second one $15. The second ticket paid out $1,033.65.

Thanks again.

John O. from Grand Island, NY:
Rakes In Over $24,000 In One Race at Woodbine!

WP Strikes again! Way to go WP I hit the 8th at woodbine yesterday raked in over 24,000 had super for 4 it paid 20k and 4 bucks on the tri and a 20 to win bet via your awesome pics....Locked and loaded many thanks!!! Saratoga here i come!!

David W. from San Diego, CA:
Member New to Horse Racing Hits 10-Cent Super For $220!

Hey guys just wanted to say that I'm very new to horse wagering and with the help of your forms I played a 10 cent superfecta box and won $220, I would recommend this site to my friends. Thanks a bunch!!!

Peter R. from Edmonds, WA:
Mentions The Hittable $21,316 Pick 4 at Santa Rosa Using Our Picks!

Santa Rosa 07-26-2012 Pick-4 Paid 21,316...look's like a single ticket...Your selection in Race # 4...was your 4th Pick (45-1)... Good Job....Excellent Sheet

Rich W. from Coeur D Alene, ID:
Rich Scores Again And Treats His Crew to Lunch!

went and bet horses off your selections july 12th and made 200.00 then went to work and bought crew pizza for lunch. just wanted to say thank you once again and i will continue to use your selections every time im at track.

Charles S. from Winnipeg, MB:
Loves The WinningPonies Service!

JULY 4/12.................HAPPY JULY 4TH.!!!!!!!




Floyd B. from Arlington, TX:
Hits "Superfinefecta" at Lone Star For Over $1,000!

Superfinefecta! Hit $2. Superfecta @ Lone Star 6-23 for well over a grand. With other good fortune, good day over $1700. Steak for my friends and beer for my horses! Awesome guide.

Rich W. from Coeur D Alene, ID:
Makes Three Big Scores on Belmont Stakes Day!

once again on saturday june 9th i used your selrctions for the 4th race i took all the green attier numbers and put them with the 6 horse and hit the 1 dollar exacta for 228.00 dollars . after i hit that i had the money to do 2 dollar exactas and hit the 5th race using your top 3 selections 10 11 3 and hit the exacta for 589.00 dollars.i also used your selections for delaware park and hit the 4th race trifecta using your top 3 selections 6-3-1 and made 305.40. i had people next to me writing down who i was using and gladly told them your site....winning ponies.thank you once again for your great pics.

Michael K. from Export, PA:
Nails The Belmont Stakes Trifecta With Our Selections!

Nice job on the Belmont Stakes. I hit the trifecta using your KEY listings.

Tommy S. from Pompano Beach, FL:
Rocks Churchill For Over $1,000 Thanks to FOUR Consecutive Pick 3s!

The very first time that I was able to use the WinningPonies selections I won 4 pick 3's in a row and pocketed over a $1000.00. If you follow the tier system and properly manage your bankroll, you can score and score BIG! I will never go to the track without WinningPonies.

Frank S. from Dallas, TX:
Newbie Scores Right Away - Hits Exacta at Churchill!

Im a newbie in this but i got hooked fast second bet 2 Exacta 26 Churchhill 33.80

Michael K. from Export, PA:
New Member Nails Trifecta at Mountaineer!

I used your system and hit the trifecta in the second race at mountaineer yesterday. I deviated from your system and failed to hit the superfecta in the sixth race. Live and learn.

Dave O. from Triangle, VA:
First Time Member Hits 10-Cent Superfecta For $153 at Evangeline Downs!

Sat 4/21/12 My first night, first race!!!
Evd .10 super I bet $7.20 my return $153.18
Look forward to more like this.Thanks

Wade J. from Monrovia, CA:
Wins $10,000 Entry Into BC Betting Challenge Using Our E-Z Win Forms!

Because of your picks I qualified for the BC $10,000 Handicapping Challenge at the cost of $140. $100 to the qualifier and $40 for the four different track selections. Big Thanks!

Joe T. from Sacramento, CA:
Takes Down $755 Pick 4 at Gulfstream Park With $12 Investment!

On Friday,23 March I played the early .50 Pick 4 at Gulfstream Park using your system. I was able to turn a $12 ticket into a $755.35 winner! I've been smiling all day! Thanks again!!

Jon S. from Philadelphia, PA:
Nails $464 Gulfstream Exacta Using Picks From Our Blog (And Sends Proof)!

Jon's $464 Exacta at Gulfstream

Got the 5 horse from the blog and paired it with a 50-1 longshot and hit for $464. It was 5,8 for the win. Thanks!

Alex A. from Lancaster, PA:
Nails $375 Trifecta at Penn National!

On Friday, Feb 17th, my first bet of the night won me $375.90. Trifecta on race 2 @ penn national - 1/5/9.

When using your picks I come close to hitting big in almost every race.

Keith M. from Little Rock, AR:
Hits 6 Races at Oaklawn Park For $389 Profit!

Left Oaklawn Park up 389 yesterday hitting 6 out of 9 races. I love the tier system. Thanks

Paul S. from Evansville, IN:
New Member Hits $420 Exacta Box Thanks to Our $137 Winner at Gulfstream!

Sir or Ma'am,

I tried your site/picks yesterday for the first time with wonderful results...including a $420 $1EXB. I had the most luck boxing 4 horses in EXBs.

Not sure of the science behind it, and it has only been one sample size, but it worked the first time.

Thanks Again.

Chad S. from Lexington, KY:
Has Great Things to Say About WinningPonies!

Terrific website for our Horse Racing Industry! Kentucky horse racing needs all the help it can get.. Let me know when you are hiring! :) Thanks!

Eric M. from New York, NY:
Eric and Friends Hit Santa Ynez Trifecta at Santa Anita!

Headed down to Atlantic City with 3 friends on Sunday. We usually just play poker but I figured I'd bring your Santa Anita form with us and pick a race to "diversify" our investment. In the Santa Ynez it seemed Reneesgotzip was your clear top choice, but we couldn't make much at even money. We decided to key her in a tri with your next 3 selections. Boy, were we happy when an 8-1 and 16-1 finished the order. We each made $94 on $12 investment. If we bet the super, we would have hit that too with the same horses. Thanks guys for the easy money!

Debbie T. from Orange County, CA:
Husband Makes $800 Score at Santa Anita!

[via Twitter]

Hubs hit $800 yesterday at Santa Anita! Wooohooo!

Gina C. from Anaheim, CA:
Gina is Fired Up For a New Year of Racing Fun!

Thanks for the free bee!! You got me warmed up and fired up for a new year of racing fun. Thanks again, Happy New Year to all!

John B. from Fairport, NY:
Enjoys Preparing For the Races With WinningPonies!

Thank You very much. It's service like this that keeps customers coming back. I enjoy reviewing your picks and have almost as much fun preparing for the races as I do winning - well, almost..

Deacon S. from Austin, TX:
Ends 2011 on a Winning Note!

Thanks for another great week of picks. Had a great week betting your Exacta & Tri picks. Great way to end the year on a winning note.

Jay T. from Las Vegas, NV:
New Member Hits $191 Exacta at Golden Gate (And Sends Proof)!

Jay's $191 Exacta at Golden Gate

Thank you for making my first day at horse betting an enjoyable one! After a mediocre couple of weeks betting college/pro football, I decided to take a little break and try my hand with the ponies. I researched on the internet on the different bets I could make and came across your website. For my first time out I decided to bet on the races at Golden Gate on Nov. 10, 2011 since it had a 100kplus Pick6 carryover. I didn't win the Pick6 but had a nice hit on Race 6. For Race 6, I Exacta boxed your top tier for a nice $191 payout. Along with the Exacta, I also had the winner across the board!!. Thank you Winning Ponies for fast forwarding my handicapping education!! PS. I have a picture of my winning ticket if you would like to see.

Shelley D. from Tomball, TX:
Nails $1,400 Trifecta in 2011 Breeders' Cup Classic!

hey guys and gals had a great day on saturday breeders cup. won the 50 cent tri and took home approx. 1400 home. I played race 11 and paid 65 for the ticket. Not bad. Not bad at all. mike s. is going to be in big trouble. ha ha thanks

Scot H. from Concord, NC:
Scot Appreciates Our Refund Policy on Track Cancellations!

Thanks a lot. I am glad to see that unlike other companies, if a race is cancelled, we do get our money back since the information is not that relevant. You scored points in my book.

Rob N. from Cleveland, OH:
Ahead $600 in First 3 Days But Misses Out on Our $35,000 Superfecta Score!

Just want to thank you for finally giving the betting public a chance to make money on a day-to-day basis at the track. I have been betting for 15 years and consider myself a pretty good handicapper but after using your product for 3 race days I will NEVER go to the track again without your product on my phone right next to my form. That said I am a little ill right now. I bet the 7 th at belmont today using your 4 2nd choice for 50 to win place and he won paying a little under 400 but didn't play exotics that race and you hit the tri and super The super paying 35000 I am still up over 600 for the 3 days using your product Not bad for still getting a grip on the whole tier system and how to bet exotics with it Really excited for my betting future with your product by my side. Thanks A Ton. Please don't EVER, EVER leave the net!!

John B. from Fairport, NY:
Makes Over 40,000% Return on Mountaineer COLD Superfecta!

I use your tips quite often and if a race has superfecta betting, I usually make a $2 bet on your 1st 4 picks. My $2 bet on race 4 at Mountaineer on 10/25 paid $807.40. Not a bad return for $2 ... I'm a believer ...

Sandy A. from Campbellsburg, KY:
Supplements Income in a Major Way With WinningPonies!

I am probably one of winning ponies biggest customers, I have learned so much about handicapping from their site, and detailed racing forms. I don't always use the top three or top four picks, however I do take the form and with all the detailed research on it and who has had a monster workout that day I come to my own conclusions and have been a winning machine. However lots of the time I do use the top three and top four horses and still come out a winner. So bottom line is I have never used another handicapping site, and have only been doing this for about a year and have been winning big. I won't say exactly how much but I will only say THANKS TO WINNING PONIES I have certainly supplemented my income in a major way. You have to use your brain and their research and come to your own conclusions but with a little practice you can win big too. Thanks

Annemarie S. from Massapequa, NY:
Annemarie Strikes Again With $738 Superfecta at Keeneland on $12 Bet!

thanks for another big one -
10cent super race 10 at keeneland on 10-8-11 got $738 for a $12 box bet on your first five picks.

keep up the good work.

Dan W. from Somerville, NJ:
Thanks Us For His $3,700 Superfecta Score at Monmouth!

Thanks for getting back to me I have found your service to be very instructive on helping me select the horses who have the most chances to win. I will let you know that because of it, I hit on a $ 1 dollar superfecta for $3700 at Monmouth last Saturday.

Darrel B. from Carrollton, VA:
Darrel Destroys Emerald Downs - Hits Almost Every Race!

Wow, I should've come to you guys years ago. In one race card at Emerald you helped me hit three Doubles, two Pick-3's and the Pick 4! You guys are the best--Thanks for making the process so simple!

Greg B. from Frisco, TX:
Greg Scores Again With Pick 4 at Del Mar for $336!

Nice card for Del Mar today..Got in late so only P4. you listed the .50 payout of 168.30. I had it 2x, thanks to you guys

Gary W. from Covington, WA:
Gary Nails Another Huge Double – $568 at Saratoga (And Sends Proof)!

Gary's $568 Double at Saratoga

You did it again for me. August 6, 2011 Saratoga Race 2 - I went with your number three pick #8 Optimizer - paid $57.00 to win. Race 3 went with your number two pick #9 Currency Swap - paid $21.80 to win. The big double paid me $568.00 for an $18 investment on your handicapping. As usual, thanks again. You guys are the best! See attached document for proof.

Evan S. from Laguna Beach, CA:
Evan and Four Associates Each Hit $352 Pick 3 at Del Mar (And Sends Proof)!

Evan and His Associates Take Down $352 Pick 3 at Del Mar was spot on! This past Saturday, I went to the Del Mar fairgrounds for a company party with our summer interns. It's an event we do every summer and everyone always has fun. This time, however, things got much more exciting thanks to the picks we got from! It was a "Pick 3" that started in Fifth race. Of course, I couldn't hold on to this little gem of information myself, and winning with other people is always more fun, so I told everyone...make that tried to tell everyone that I had gotten picks from an expert source. Most were skeptics. One colleague even joked, "Wow, you've only got picks starting in the fifth race? Your source is being pretty stingy." Nonetheless, I was able to convince all the summer interns from my office, plus our coordinator to place the same $18 bet. Just before the fourth race, we went up to the counter together. I was first in line, and laid down the bet: "I'd like a pick three starting in the fifth race. 3, 6, 7 in the fifth. 4, 8, 7 in the sixth. 1, 9 in the seventh." She held onto my ticket while the four others went up to the window to make the exact same bet. We'd have about 45 minutes until things would start to get crazy.

Needing a winner in all three races, the fifth race started our emotional roller coaster as horse six came in just behind horse four – a horse not on our ticket. Needless to say, disappointment came over the five of us. "What does that mean? Are we done?" As our coordinator was about tear up his ticket, we heard the announcement. Horse four was taken down because he came into 6s path! We had a winner! We were still in it! Race six also went our way, in a big way! Horse 8, an 18-1 odds horse came in first (WP's 2nd overall selection), continuing our streak into the final race on our "Pick 3" ticket. Now presented a dilemma. After learning that if horse 1 or 9 came in first in our final race we each win over $350, the question became: tell the others and make them even more crazy or wait for them to find out at the window? Of course, I couldn't hold it in! And of course, they freaked out!

As the seventh race got underway, our picks were nowhere to be seen. Then, in a mad dash, horse nine and horse one started gaining ground. Here they were at the finish line. It sounded like the announcer said nine came in first, but horse six was right there. Others from the firm thought they saw six come in. It took over a minute for the results to get posted. Nervous as can be, we all jumped up as nine was declared the winner! Everyone else was stunned! "I think I need to get in touch with your guy" one of the non-participants yelled out. Amongst us, we turned $90 into $1762, or $352.40 a piece! Our firm has done this event for five years in a row, and no one has ever come remotely close to pulling down this kind of a win. Thanks!

Sam C. from Terre Haute, IN:
Turns $100 Into $2,300 In One Race at Churchill Downs!

I recently subscribed to and WOW! It was The best money I have ever spent! I recently visited Churchill Downs and turned a $100 bet into $2,300 in ONE race!! The race that I had my biggest success that day was at Churchill Downs, Saturday June 18, 2011. It was the last race of the day, The Stephen Foster Handicap. I placed 3 bets, $20 across the board, $10 across the board, and $10 to win on YOUR #1 pick for the race resulting $2,300 in winnings!! I'm planning on going back this fall and won't make trip without my tip sheet! Thanks guy's, you are absolutely awesome at what you do!!

Smiling Sam

Warren T. from Simi Valley, CA:
Nails Superfecta at Del Mar Opening Day (And Sends Proof)!

Warren's Opening Day Superfecta at Del Mar Opening DayDudes, Opening Day at Del Mar was quite an experience! Great weather, beautiful women, and winning tickets thanks to WinningPonies! In the 2nd race, bet a 10-cent Superfecta 3,8/2,3,4,5,8/1,2,3,4,5,8/ALL. It cost $16 total and paid $135, thanks to your top pick paying $18 to win! I'll be going to Del Mar for other days during the meet and it's guaranteed I'll have my WinningPonies sheet in hand!

Greg B. from Frisco, TX:
Takes Down Whole Pick 3 Pool at Lone Star for $2,163 (And Sends Proof)!

Greg's W-2G for This Huge Pick 3 Score

With an $18.00 play and the WP edge I had the only 50 cent P3 (R1-3)ticket and took the pool at Lone Star for $2163.95.

In the 3th race the 4 horse came like a freight train and scored.

Its true...stop gambling and start winning!!!

Rosemary Homeister from Tampa Bay, FL:
Jockey Rosemary Homeister Praises The "Winning Ponies" Radio Show!

It was great. You are a great interviewer and your show is exactly what the sport of racing needs. Positive positive positive interviews. I have added you to my facebook and also added the link so my friends can listen to the interview if they missed it last night.

Brooks J. from Allen, TX:
New Member Hits Trifecta at Lone Star for Over $1,200!

1st time with and I hit the Trifecta on Race #10 @ Lone Star Park on 5-30-11 for $1,261.00. I will recomend this site to all my friends.

Michael S. from Fairfax, VA:
Takes Advantage of Our Huge Day at Charles Town and Cashes $250 Trifecta!

WinningPonies ranked the horses in this race 5,6/8,3,4. I decided to use the top tier as the 1-2 and the rest boxed for 3rd in a trifecta, and those 5 horses actually finished 5-6-3-8-4. My $1 trifecta paid about $250, and if I had been more daring, I'd have added another 8,3,4 box for 4th in a superfecta and hit that, too.

The picks aren't always perfect, but they're always good, and this race was almost nailed top to bottom.

Gary W. from Covington, WA:
Gary Strikes Again With Huge $611 Double at Hollywood (And Sends Proof)!

Proof of Member's Big Scores With Our Picks

May 15 Hollywood, your second pick in the 8th (#1 Color of Courage) and top pick in 9th (#1 Passing Game) race hit for me in the late daily double for $611 (Cost me $12). This is the second big payoff for me due to you guys in the last 30 days.

I attached proof from my ADW account of some of my recent wins per the messages I posted on your Winning Ponies web site. I would not have been able to hit these without your assitance. Sometimes people may make claims and I just wanted to say I was on the level and provide proof. Thanks for your excellent service.

John O. from Grand Island, NY:
Hits Every Race at Finger Lakes, Raking In Over $2,000!

Great Job once agaian hit every race at finger lakes today...sent otb to the bank to get me more money.Hit to many races to tri pic 4s pic 3s on and on the only race i went againt your picks is the only one i lost and you happen to have 1 and 2 in order oh well i learned ...thanks raked in over 2k

Gary W. from Covington, WA:
Cashes In on Our 50-1 Top Selection Winner at Evangeline Downs!

You selected on April 15 at Evangelne Downs, Race #10 your top pick Espreto, morning line was 20-1 and went off at 50-1! I took a chance and scored big thanks a lot it made my month of April!

Deacon S. from Austin, TX:
Leaves Work After Nailing Trifecta & Superfecta for Over $4,100 at Tampa!

Went to work on Sunday March 27th 2011. Decided to bet on the Tampa Bay races while I finished a project. First race won the Tri Super. Paid me over 4100 on a 36 bet. Decided to take the rest of the day off and just enjoy the afternoon. Thanks for a wonderful Sunday

Chris A. from Temple City, CA:
Becomes a Believer After Cashing Tampa Super for Over 14,000% Return!

[via Twitter]

@winningponies You have made a believer out of me. I just hit Tampa Bay Downs race 1 10 cent SFC BOXED for $340+. TNX.

Peter W. from Lodi, CA:
Hits $65 Exacta on First Day With WinningPonies!

Yesterday was my first day using your service and I hit a $65 Exacta.

I love it!

Joseph T. from Sacramento, CA:
Makes 2000% Return on 10-Cent Superfecta at Aqueduct!

Hot dog I spent 1.80 on a 10 cent superfecta wheel at Aqueduct R9 on 31311 and won 38.30 Your selections have been truly helpful for me. Thanks again

Rick J. from Searcy, AR:
First Timer Makes Over $200 at Oaklawn Park With Our Selections!

Thanks, I got your picks and did well at the track for a first timer. I won $207.35. Thanks for your help and we are going back to the track soon.

Jason D. from Gresham, OR:
Horse Racing Newbie is Up $100 Making $2 Wagers!

I want to thank you for the work you put into the information. I am a newbie to the world of the ponies, but with your ratings I am up $100. My wagers are $2 at a time. I have only gone to the track twice. I keep "banking" and I plan on increasing my wages. Again thank you and keep up the great work!

Steven O. from Cutler Bay, FL:
Loves the ROI of Our Gulfstream Turf Selections!

I pride myself at my ROI at Gulfstream's turf- but this season you guys have really made an impression on my gang- keep it up!

Various Members from Latest WP Member Survey:
Members Give Overwhelmingly Glowing Feedback in WP Member Survey!

Below are actual responses received from our latest member survey:

What motivates you to use
  • Stan D. from Wilkes Barre, PA: "The WinningPonies Team is CONSISTENT in it's analysis of each and every track they cover. I never know which track is going to strike my fancy on any given day. I do however know that I can depend on the team to give me an honest shot at getting to the WINNERS CIRCLE!"
  • John M. from Garrett, KY: "I like the way WP categorizes the horses. Makes it easier when constructing exotic wagers. Also like the the synopsis of the horses."
  • Armando G. from El Paso, TX: "I have picked more winners using winning ponies than any other services that I have subscribed to. I have subscribed to many other services. I will not name any. The first time I went into your website, I could see that your selections were very good."
  • Waymond B. from Los Angeles, CA: "i have got more winner from winningponies than all other sitrs combined"
  • John M. from McKeesport, PA: "money is the number one motivator. I like the tier system, it helps me structure my bets and takes a lot of the guesswork out of the equation. the track selection is great and i like the idea of paying for only what i use."
  • Robert R. from Stuart, FL: "i stay with you because the results have been impressive. i participate in many handicapping contests and am always looking for top selections in the 5 to 15 odds range."
  • Bill A. from Philadelphia, PA: "Results. Period. Your site produces them consistently."
  • John O. from Grand Island, NY: "i hate favorite and winning ponies does too i noticed alot of times u pick favorite to finish off the board and they do it helps when ya can toss out the chalk.And expert knowledge on first timers is a blessing"
  • Chuck M. from Canton, OH: "Better chance of winning. You also pick long shots on top where your competition does not. You seem to be a reputable organization."
  • John D. from Lynbrook, NY: "I like the fact that I can buy into a track and not have to pay for the whole day if the racing card has already started. I have used this service on a few of the big racing days and it has done very well for me. Picking winners is the best way to get me back."
  • Paula E. from Harrison, OH: "Winning Ponies helps me to consider some horses in my bets that I may not consider if I just use the Daily Racing Form. Winning Ponies also helps me understand the exotic bets and helps me hit them with your suggestions."
  • William O. from El Paso, TX: "You have great insight on maiden races. Especially with first time starters."
  • Ernesto C. from San Antonio, TX: "Your expert handicappers provide me with a very reasonable ROI when I bet their picks."
  • Mark M. from Marshall, TX: "I love betting on the big stakes races across the country and gives me info that I cant find elsewhere."

Tyler S. from El Cajon, CA:
Member Hits 10-Cent Superfecta for $900 on His First Day!

The first time I used winning ponies I hit a 10 cent superfecta for $900.

Troy B. from Moorhead, MN:
Cleans Up at Tampa Bay Downs, Nails $10 Trifecta Box!

What a day! Thank you so much for your picks and info on Tampa Bay Downs on 2-10-11. With the day going as well as it was, I just rolled with your picks. And WOW.... the 6 horse in the 10th race! So glad I made that bet ( $10 Tri box ). Great last race pay out for a fun day.

Again Thank you

Ben R. from Wilton, NY:
Using Our New Data, Rocks Sam Houston For $1,200!

Love the new format. Your SH plays are on fire tonight. For Race 6 I keyed your top horse #4 in a $2 Superfecta and $2 Trifecta through my Xpressbet acct.
Tri: TR(PWHL) 4 / 1, 2, / 1, 2, 6
Super: SF(PWHL) 4 / 1, 2 / 1, 2, 6 / 1, 2, 6

Total Cashed: $1200.60, #4 was a $27 winner and has a nice trip, just hugged the rail and fired down the stretch. It was like stealing candy from a baby!! Thanks WP!!!

Ben R. from Wilton, NY:
Cashes In on Our 42-1 Selection at Gulfstream Park!

My buddy and I did score a nice a PLACE bet in race 7 when War Prospector wired and paid $33.80 to Place. He was your 2nd ranked play.

Terry R. from Bunker Hill, IL:
Scores $1,400 On Pick 3 At Turfway Park!

Thank you!! We won over $1400 on $18 pick 3 at Turfway Park on Jan 2, 2011. We will continue to use your site. Thanks so much and Happy New Year

Everett S. from Happy Valley, OR:
Makes Huge Pick 4 Score at Santa Anita For Over $4,600!

Thanks to using your selections from Santa Anita 12/31/2010 I won the $1 pick 4 races 6-9. I took away over a cool $4600. Thanks,

Wendy R. from Richmond Hill, NY:
Member Hits Exactas at Penn National and Mountaineer on Her First Day!

Monday December 20th 2010
Hey you guys are awesome, you inform me to Twinspires so I sign up tonight, and I use your picks and won a $40 Ext bet race 7 at Penn National, and then I won $340 Ext bet at race 9 at Mountaineer, I only wish I had bet the Tri it paid $51,086.86. tonight. I just want to say "THANKS" Yes you guys are rocking and I am glad I am rocking with you.

Craig T. from Shreveport, LA:
Nails Four Races at Three Different Tracks For Over $1,200!

Thanks for the awesome picks. I love this website and will continue to do business here. On december 19th,2010 i hit 4 races using your picks. .10 super 272.95 @ sunland, .50 super 893.50 @ mountaineer, DD 114.40 @ GGate,and .50 super for 65.35 @ mountaineer. Over $1200 in winnings!!!

Michael L. from Laurel, MD:
Names WinningPonies "The Best Site on the Internet For Predictions"!

How is every one at WP? Make no mistake about it. Yours is the best site on the internet for predictions. I have checked and you take a back seat to no one. I am more than a casual fan and I have developed techniques which, along with your predictions, I can earn a fortune. I want to do this for a living. Any advice on making this a career investing in racing? Take care and stay in business forever.

Matt S. from Washington, DC:
New Member Hits His First Trifecta!

Just signed up and hit my first Tri. Best site ever.

Orville J. from Brooklyn, NY:
Loves The Free Exotic Wager Calculator!

I have found your Exotic Wagering Calculator to be very useful

Ines H. from Pepper Pike, OH:
Has Great Things to Say About the WinningPonies Support Staff!

I really appreciate your support and your great turn-around time for response...Thank you again, the staff I have been corresponding with only affirms that you guys are top class

Monica P. from Houston, TX:
Cashes in On Our $980 Superfecta in the Breeders' Cup Classic!

Thanks so much for the accurate picks on this years Breeders Cup. Without your help I wouldn't have been able to pick successfully the superfecta for race 11. Way to go guys.

Brandon B. from Mount Angel, OR:
Nails Superfecta in Breeders' Cup Classic!

Hit it!! 3,5,8/1,3,5,6,8,12/1,6,12/1,6,12. 54.00 ticket paid the 980.40.

Didn't have credits to purchase full card and had to leave to 90th Birthday party so rated horses myself. They were Blame, Zen, Haynesfield,Quality Road, Fly Down, Lookin at Lucky.

Very similar to your picks...would have been kicking myself if I saw you results if I didn't hit...Good Job

Sean R. from Coon Rapids, MN:
Has Done Well Over Past Two Years With Our Selections!

Dear winning ponies i have been with you guys for about 2 years now your picks have always been awsome and i have won some good money because of you guys. I recently won big on your breeders cup picks it was basically dead on. thanks

Ed S. from McKinney, TX:
Hits Tri and Super in Breeders' Cup Classic!

Thanks so much for the Breeders Cup Classic seletion. They were great and helped in hitting the tri and superfecta.

Alex S. from East Longmeadow, MA:
Makes Big Superfecta Score in Breeders' Cup Classic!

Your picks for the Breeders' Cup Classic really helped me key in for great superfecta payout.

Ben R. from Wilton, NY:
Ben Still Rocking Thanks to Our Huge Day at Oak Tree Hollywood!


Using your plays in races 5 through 8 at Oak Tree at Hollywood I dialed up a nice 50 cent pick 4. It couldn't of came in any better....all double digit winners. For a $15 bet I cashed $1321.90 through my OTB phone account. Within the past 2 weeks using your plays in California I am up almost $4000!!! Thank you so much.

Proud Member, Ben

Ben R. from Wilton, NY:
Ben Nails Oak Tree and Los Alamitos For Over $2,000 in 2 Days!

Two nights in row your plays have paid off. Yesterday I hit a nice super at Oak Tree and tonight at Los Alamitos I hit the $1 Pick 3 four times through my phone account!!! Grand total over 2 days is just over $2000.

2010-10-24 11:25:17 PM Los Alamitos Race 8 $4 P3 on 2,4 with 1,2 with 3,7,8 ticket:E40BB-EA65E) $48.00 Payout $668.40

Wow ...I will never doubt your tier/key system ever again. Used your Race 8 plays to hit a nice Super at Oak Tree Hollywood Park through my OTB phone account. I put the #1 Premier Pegasus , your top horse and keyed in #3 across with some of bombs (2,6,7) you liked. It came in 1-3-6-2!!!!

2010-10-23 07:38:45 PM Hollywood Pk Race 8 $2 SF on 1 with 3,7 with 3,6,7 with 2,3,7 (ticket:E2017-A4DFD) $12.00 $1404.20

Bruce A. from Richmond, VA:
Has Done Very Well With Our Selections!

For the cost I've done very well thanx.

Jeff L. from Deer Park, TX:
Jeff Cashes In On Our Huge Day at Del Mar!

Once again you guys showed why you are at the top of your game! I played your card on Friday at Del Mar and came home a huge winner!!!! Keep up the great work, it's why we keep coming back. And yes, I'm the same Jeff L. that hit the huge Pick 6 a few years ago.

Justin T. from Rensselaer, NY:
Makes Over $600, Including Our Cold $347 Double at the Spa!

Good call on the 3/1 daily double on races 6 and 7! Had $2 on that double and it paid $347 not to mention I had $10 to win on the 3 in the 6th and $15 to win the 1 in the 7th! Over $600 in winnings!!

Jim C. from Sherman, TX:
Texas Jim Strikes Again For $1,500 on One Race at Monmouth!

You are on a roll. Yesterday I hit the MONSTER at Saratoga #5, and today I hit the 12th at Monmouth paying $38.80 $16.00 $11.40 for WPS and $413.40 exacta (which I had in a $5 exacta box). A net profit of 1495.50 on that one race! Boo-yah!!!

John O. from Grand Island, NY:
Cleans Out 2 OTBs With Biggest Hit of His Life!

awesome jobs folks!!!been at it for a long time and that was the biggest hit of my life.My buddy whos a little new to the sport turned me onto your site about a week ago printed me out saratoga last fri made money and missed by a wisker in 7th on the 3 horse ya had over the 2to5 favorite just missed but i backed it up.thursday whole different story had the tri for 8 super for 2 40 to win and 10 dollar ex cleaned 2 otbs out to collect all the cash i can do the math MANY MANY THANK NEW LIFELONG CUSTOMER JOHNNY O

Tim F. from Jackson, NJ:
Rocks Saratoga For Over $5,000!

Cool day at the SPA, I was cashing tickets almost every race, dont have a tally yet because i have to go back with better ID tomorrow for couple of tickets. Big race was the 5th. Pick 4 for $2, exacta for $5 and Trifecta for $1 Thats almost 5k and I was already up 500. or so going into that race. Would have probably had super but didnt bet it. Ended up with 5 of 6 in pk 6 as another little bonus $262. Thanks for the help.

Jim C. from Sherman, TX:
Nails Our Cold Trifecta at Saratoga With Three First Time Starters!

You absolutely NAILED it on Saratoga #5 today. Thanks to you, I had the winner (which went off at 7-1) on a heavy WPS bet (paying $16.40, $10.00, and $7.40), had a $5 exacta (7-1 and 11-1 for $229.00 for a total of $572.50), and a $2 trifecta (7-1, 11-1, and 14-1 for $1,490.00). I don't know how you pick first-timers so well, but keep up the good work. You just helped me pay for my wedding!

Rich W. from Post Falls, ID:
Hits Our Cold $229 Exacta at Saratoga!

im from coeur d alene idaho and i just started using ur site about 1 month ago and wow i hit that 1-3 exacta using ur selections on saratoga august paid me 229.00 so thank you very much and keep up the good work cause i definetely will be using your selections for a long time to come

Tim F. from Chicopee, MA:
Lights it Up at Saratoga For Over $5,000 (And Sends Proof)!

Race 1 Superfecta Payoff Receipt at Saratoga Race 8 Superfecta Payoff Receipt at Saratoga

Great day yesterday at Saratoga!!!! I hit race 1 and race 8. Race 1 SUPERPECTA $3819. Race 8 $1,329. I had to go to the IRS window!!!!! Thanks and keep winning. I have the winning titckets I could email

Mike P. from Ft. Smith, AR:
Sole Winner of $4,130 Pick 3 at Indiana Downs!

yes yes yes. thank you so much i hit the pick three at indiana downs yesterday for 4100. sweeeeet.

Jim C. from Sherman, TX:
Cashes in On Two Monster Exactas at Prairie Meadows!

Yesterday's score at Prairie Meadows was incredible! Based on your selections, I had the exactas for both the 5th race (with a 26-1 winner) and 6th race (with a 27-1 winner). I'm admittedly a small-time player, but my $3 exacta boxes netted me a cool $548.70 for two $18 exacta-box investments. Thanks so much, and keep up the good work.

Jeff G. from Brentwood, CA:
Jeff Strikes Again With Super High Five at Pleasanton for $800!

yes i did hit the high five [for $800] thanks all grab your picks for the rest of the fair

Rick D. from Hamilton, ON:
Didn't Think You Can Win at the Track Before Using WinningPonies!

Never tought winning was possible until I tried Winning Ponies. It really works well. I Hit at Fort Erie June 29th

Jeff G. from Brentwood, CA:
Puts $50 to Win on Our $38 Winner at Belmont!

i was a winner on the belmont didnt get the pick 6 but had 50 on the 38winner

Joe P. from Newport Beach, CA:
Joe Strikes Again - $1,873 Super at Belmont With Top 4 Picks!

Today! Belmont 9 COLD! 10 7 3 4! super paid $1,800!

Joe P. from Newport Beach, CA:
New Member Makes $2,000 First Time Betting Our Picks!

I started betting a few weeks ago, and was just trying to figure it out as I went along. Sadly I would only hit about 1 bet out of every 100. Another problem was bankroll. You're right! You cannot afford to sell yourself short of a major bet.

Now that I have used your site, I literally signed up Friday, didn't bet over the weekend, bet today Monday and made 2 grand. Luck? I think not, trust me, I tried the luck game. I play Exact, Tri and Supers and just keep hitting them.

I signed up right away when I read a testimonial of some guy making about 40g's. It's almost as if I read the sincerity in his voice as he explained how he didn't know what to tell his wife that he had just bank rolled 40. THANKS!

Brad S. from Lincoln, NE:
Brad Turns $35 Into Over $1,200 at Lincoln in 5 Days!

On June 5th after race 5 I was down to my last 35.00 in my racing fund (which does'nt mean I'd quit, there is always more) I've only been a customer for 5 racing days, but starting June 5, Race 6 tri box 237. Paid 549.00. Your picks 2,3,7(2,1,3). Race 9 you pick 3 and 7, put with my 10 pays 616.00. Lots of others since, but today at Lincoln (June 13), I left 500.00 up. Mostly tri keys with your 1st and 2nd picks. Thanks again for the amazing handicapping. That 35.00 bank is now over 1200.00 in 5 racing days. You guys Rock! Keep up the amazing work!

Bob S. from Fort Pierce, FL:
$34,273 Pick 4 at Belmont Was Hittable With Our Selections!

Using just the first and second tiers you could have had the pick four for 34,273 sat.i did not play it but it was there

Monica P. from Houston, TX:
First Time Bettor Hits $430 Superfecta at Sam Houston!

I am truly excited that I found your website. I am a first time bettor. I won the superfecta on race 10 at Sam Houston Race Park on May 31, 2010 with a 2.00 bet on 7 6 3 1 and won 430.00 Thanks a bunch for the tips.

Tim F. from Chicopee, MA:
Cashes in On Our Big Day at Philly Park!

Thanks for the great picks for Phili Park 5-25-2010. We won and it was fun thanks for the PICS and keep winning.

race 10 trifecta 173
race 7 tri 85
race 5 tri 67 2 dollar bet
race 5 ex 77 5 dollar bet
race 5 place 168 40 dollar

Brandon B. from Mount Angel, OR:
Newbie to Horses Hits $288 Trifecta at Belmont On His First Day!

I'm quite new to horses and have sat down and looked at your picks and rankings of horses for couple weeks looking for trends and general info. Dove in today and did hit a nice one dollar tri for 288 at Belmont in race 9. Overall very satisfied with my first day here as I'm up over 100 percent on where I started the day. Thanks

Michael A. from Tacoma, WA:
First Time User Rocks Emerald Downs With $1,484 Superfecta Score!

I had just signed up around 5/18, made my own personal picks from the form, and then looked at your picks. On 5/21 I went to Emerald Downs and hit it big in the 7th race with the $1 Superfecta. I initially didn't have the number 1 horse Any Wager in my original pick and decided to include him since he was listed in your upper tier. My bet was for $54 which was 1,2,5/1,2,5/1,2,3,4,5/1,2,3,4,5,7 and they came in 1-2-3-4 with Any Wager taking first at 7:1 odds for a $1,484.10 payoff. Thanks and I look forward to the rest of the season and your picks.

Michael S. from Brighton, MA:
Hits Dixie Stakes For Over $2000 and Meets Fellow WP Member!

great story for you, was at Foxwoods on Sat and hit my race 11 ticket for around $2300, was pretty excited waiting in line, but not more excited than the woman behind me who hit for $4500 and was screaming about Winningponies 4/8 pick, we had a nice talk about the site and our big hit! Great picks and a great day!

Deacon S. from Austin, TX:
Deacon Rocks Dixie Stakes Super For $4,469 With $24 Ticket!

My friends have been watching me win every weekend and think I have a gift at picking winners. The Preakness was INCREDIBLE. I played every Preakness race and bet your 1 through 4 pick as a boxed trifecta and superfecta. I won several race but my jaw dropped when my $24 ticket on race 11 paid me $4,469. Thanks! I have been consistently winning and I am actually up several thousand in the last few months solely based on your tips.

Jerry L. from Nutley, NJ:
Jerry Takes Down Dixie Stakes For Over $5,000!

It's really amazing to me how you pick these big 'uns in the big races! Had the exacta, Tri and Super for $1 for a nice pay day of over 5G's!! 4,8,/4,8,9,5,1/4,8,9,5,1/4,8,9,5,1,2.
Nice Job as usual!! Looking forward to the Belmont!

Annie S. from Massapequa, NY:
Annie Nails Superfecta in Dixie Stakes For Over $4,400!

thanks once again. last year i hit 3 big supers with your picks. today - i hit the super in race 11 - i boxed your first 4 picks for a 24 total cost on a dollar super and hit for 4469.

Chris J. from Atascadero, CA:
Chris Rocks The Preakness Card For Over $2,000!

In the 4th Race: Wow I just won a big superfecta. It cost me 80 bucks but I won over 2K so what an investment. My bet was 9/7,6,10,4,8/7,6,10,4,8/7,6,10,4,8,5

In the 8th Race: I'm on fire I got a trifect thanks to your pick on horse 2. My bet was 7/2,5/all. won more than 200 bucks for a very cheap bet. thanks again.

Jeff C. from Detroit, MI:
First-Timer Hits Early Pick 3 on Derby Card (And Sends Us Proof)!

Winning Pick 3 Ticket on Derby Day at Churchill DownsJust wanted to say thanks for the Pick3 winner today at Churchill. This is my first time buying picks from you. I'm already happy with what has happen. I'm not real big into horse racing however I have always bet the Derby. Its tradition Anyways I made a 1 Pick3 Races 1-3 14612311. Only cost me 9 as the 3 12 were scratched in the 3rd race. It was a 61.70 winner I'm pretty much on a free roll for the Derby Thanks Again!

PS I have proof of my ticket. just tell me where to send it

Chris J. from Atascadero, CA:
Chris Strikes Again With $628 Trifecta on Derby Day!

thanks for the top 2 picks I hit the trifect no problem. I would never have added horse 11. I bet was 8,11 with 8,11,2 with 8,11,2,5

Bob O. from Hollandale, WI:
Bob Looks Forward to Another Big Year With WinningPonies!

Just looking forward to another HUGE winning Year with you or at least a break even! Had to file Gambling winnings last year with your guys help. Hope its even bigger this year!

Jon S. from Henderson, NV:
Veteran Horseplayer Has More Fun Winning Consistently With Our Picks!

i would like to tell you thankyou for your help with the races because of it i have become a consistent winner.i have been playing the races since 1979 and i am having more fun now playing the horses using the imformation you provide. thankyou and god bless.

Steve R. from Sag Harbor, NY:
Sag Harbor Steve is Back With $50 to Win on 10-1 Pick!

Hey Winning ponies I am back! Turf paradise april 19 hit many exacta's , on the last race of the card really liked your 3rd choice threw down 50 to win 10 to one odds , this was a big bet for me so you can see I am very happy thanks again won $595. yes !!!!

Chris J. from Atascadero, CA:
Buys Picks For Last 3 Races at Santa Anita and Hits $350 Pick 3!

Just used my last 3 WC for Santa Anita and won the pick 3 just for 27 dollars I won 350. You guys are awesome. I have been telling all my friends and so far all of them have signed up and purchase WC.

Robert C. from Catasauqua, PA:
New Member Scores at Penn National and Fair Grounds!

This website is great. It paid for itself the very first time i used it at Penn National Racetrack. As i got used to it i hit a Big 'Un the second time playing Fairgrounds Race 10 for 789 on a tri. I swear by this site and will continue to use it. Thank You Guys. Hopefully today will be a big day at Aqueduct.

David L. from Norwalk, CA:
Hits 5 of 6 in Pick 6, Pick 3 and Pick 4 at Santa Anita!

yes five of six on pick 6 plus a pick 3 and pick 4 on same day.

Tim F. from Uniontown, PA:
Cashes in On Our Easy $42,475 Pick 6 at Santa Anita!

i sure hope you played it as well,i know i did i am still in shock my wife is looking at my account wondering what we are going to do with this money. it just dont seem real yet until its in my bank and i can see it on my statement i believe this is the biggest one you ever gave us sence i been around which hasnt been long for $0.75 per pick i am way ahead of the game now thanks too family is so excited.and i called everyone i knew and told them i just hit for 45 Gs i dont know what else to say is thank you so so much i used my friends account cause he is a member also and we go back and forth whos going to buy the picks may god bless you and keep up the damn good friend didnt play it but im going to give him some back cause he bought the credits only fair i will give him like 10% i told him you been on a hot streaks of late he said no he didnt want to risk loosing lol well his lose is my gain

Gus A. from Atlantic, IA:
Another Member Nails Huge Pick 6 at Santa Anita With $12 Ticket!

Just to let you know I hit the pick 6 at SA on 3-17 for 42475.20 and I hate to admit it I only spent 12.00. p.s. first time in my life I hit the pick 6 and I have tried some other services they all suck.

Troy B. from Moorhead, MN:
Cashes in On Big Trifecta at Gulfstream for Over $1,500!

Just want to say thank you for the pick on 3-17-10 1st race at Gulfstream, $4 box tri payed $1502.40

John W. from Union, KY:
Continues to Rock Turfway Park With Our First Time Starters!

You had an amazing performance at Turfway Park last night (Friday the 5th). Nine out of the twelve races were won by your top pick! The other three top picks finished second third and fourth. That's eleven out of twelve in the money!

The highlight for me was your pick in the fifth race, Go RV Go. Your track record on first time starters was once again right on the money. The Doubles and Pick Threes associated with this pick were very profitable, despite mostly chalk wins on the other ends.

Keep up the great work!

Martin P. from Brandon, FL:
New Member Hits $125 Exacta at Gulfstream!

BTW I did have the $125 exacta from Gulstream's RACE 4 YESTERDAY. Thanks...

Michael S. from Brighton, MA:
Hits Superfecta at Suffolk in His First Bet With WinningPonies!

First race with the service, Suffolk my home track, rarely play supers, but threw down on one on your suggestion...

Superfecta Box155549838
Nov-02 SUF R6 1.00 USD SPX 2,3,4,8 Mon@12:00p Paid *US$ 93.00*

Great job!

Emil K. from Port Alberni, BC:
Averages 65% Return With Our Selections!

Thanks for the quick and detailed response. I suspected the first number rating was the most recent race and like the idea of the second composite number for comparison to norm. It is really helpful in identifying horses whose last race may have been an abberation, rather than it's norm. I found out about your site quite by accident when I was going through the forums and saw a few people talking about you and your success. At the time I was using Martin Dermier's Racing Digest, but he seemed to be very streaky. You know the saying.."one day you're eatin chicken, next day you're eatin feathers". Anyhow, the way I use your selections is I look for races where the top selection has no "red marks" against it (class rise, layoff, negative 3yo, or last race at lower grade track). I pass all races with top selections that are first time starters. It must have raced within 30 days (within 45 ok if it has a monster workout). Then I wager 3% of my total bankroll accordingly:
5-1 or lower....W/P
6-1 to 10-1...W/P/S
11-1 to 15-1...P/S
over 15-1.....S
I find that SoCal tracks work the best and I concentrate the bulk of my wagering on them. I believe it is due to the consistency of the synthetic surface and the upkeep of the turf courses. I have been averaging 65% return on my investments since going with your service and I would glady recommend you to anyone who asks. Keep up the good work guys and you have a happy subscriber here...Good racing and good luck!!

Ryan A. from Lexington, KY:
Nails Late Pick 3 at Keeneland, But Misses Out On Unhit Pick 6!

This sounds like an awesome solution to betting ANY time! Not just for the Breeders Bankroll! I will look to do this in the coming remaining races at Keeneland where I live. I hit the late pick 3 [for $823] with you guys today! If I had only logged on earlier at work to get the PICK 6 that no one hit and would have yielded nearly 40 grand!!!!!! OUCH

Annie S. from Massapequa, NY:
Annie Strikes Again With $1,474 Super High 5 at Oak Tree!

You did it again. i used your tip sheet for the super high five at oak tree - saturday 10172009. the track favorite was the 9 - so i added it to the 1st place with your 1-5 picks. you hit the 2345 spots exactly. By adding the 9 in the 1 spot - I won 1474.60 i did 1 bet - not 2 - i was almost out of money. Thanks again.

Ryan A. from Lexington, KY:
New Member Nails TWO Trifectas at Keeneland For Over $3,000!

I have learned that handicapping is very difficult and time consuming over the last 10 years. I like to find handicappers that will win here or there and just pick with them now. I found you guys Monday and on my 2nd day using your picks I hit the $2700 tri in race 6 at Keeneland today! That along with the $500+ Tri in race 5 made this one awesome day! Thanks and I look forward to using your picks in the future.

Harris G. from Brooklyn, NY:
Cashes $1 Pick 3 at Belmont For Over $1,000!

I hit the pick 3 at Belmont on Sunday 10/11. Only had it for $1, but cashed out for over a grand. Good job!

Scott B. from Lansing, IL:
Misses Out On Our $1,421 Superfecta at Hawthorne!

I signed up for your service this morning 810 with an eye toward placing some bets at the Hawthorne track just outside Chicago. At 10-11am -- just 2 hours before post -- the course's website stated the track was muddy turf off. I noted your selections accordingly. To make a long story short when I got to my closest OTB at just before 2pm the track conditions had changed to fast with a soft turf. Boy was I pissed Still I wagered 'em like I had 'em because that was all I had to go on and ended up dismally. I was even more pissed later that night when I saw that you called the Superfecta for the #5 race 1421.40 38626 pool -- which I lost on with a mudder pick on a 2 win -- RIGHT FRIGGIN' ON I might have lost more than I wanted with the track conditions set wrong and I don't fault you for that. I only sit here kicking myself over what might have been. You guys rock No question.

PS: Spending money with you guys on a single weekend is *way* better odds than trying to beat the spreads in a 10- or 12-game NFL card, like my friends try to do. Suckers!

John W. from Union, KY:
Strikes Again With First Time Starter at Turfway Park, Our 24-1 Key!

Two weeks in a row for First Time Starters paying big at Turfway! This week it was a signer! The $20 win place in race 2 returned $728!

Keep up the work at Keeneland!

John W. from Union, KY:
Cashes in Big On Our First Time Starter Picks at Turfway Park!

The Kings of First Time Starters strike again Race One at Turfway last night 925. 20 win and place for 548 - love keeping it just under the signer limit - plus race five with another first timer for 110 on a 20 place bet You're still the best

Chris P. from Farmington, MN:
Nets $1,200 at Golden Gate on Slow Thursday at Work!

Just wanted to let you know I was just passing the time away and decided to make some small wagers at Golden Gate on a boring Thurs at work. I got in at just the right time with a 41-1 odds winning outright and I also had the quinella which payed less than the outright winner in the 6th race. The two races after that (7,8) I ran off the exacta, trifecta, and superfecta straight off your predictions by just boxing them up w/keys. I netted $1,200 just passing the time at work and betting minimal amounts. You seem to be hot at Golden gate, I've been successful 4 times playing your predictions.


James G. from Hoboken, NJ:
Takes Down Almost $10,000 As Sole Winner of Pick 4 at Emerald Downs!

Just wanted to write in that I was the sole winner of the Late Pick 4 at Emerald Downs. I was somewhat related to dumb luck as all four horses were included in your top tier for a FAST track, but the track was actually GOOD. I never updated the card, because I made my picks in the morning before the condition was posted and I thought the weather report would lean it toward a fast track.

Either way I won 9,556.90 on the pick 4 ($18 ticket) and 400 dollars on win bets in that 4 race span. I only play about 100 a day, so I have a lot of trips covered.

Thanks a lot.

Greg B. from Frisco, TX:
Rocks Los Alamitos; Hits Both Pick 4s and Four Pick 3s!

WP guys,

Great Job at Los Al tonight
All wagers were $6-$8 tonight
Hit 4 pick 3s and both pick 4s.

Chalky night but netted $460.00

Thanks from Frisco, TX

Annie S. from Massapequa, NY:
Nails 10-Cent Superfecta Box For Over $1,600 at Del Mar!

I have to write to say thank you. I first found your website on 8/25/09 and bought 40 credits. On 9/9/09 - I did a 10cent superfecta box of your 1-5 picks and hit for $1600.

Thanks - your system is easy to understand and if you wheel and box the exotics - once in a while you get lucky - if only i had the bank roll to have done a $2 super box - i'd be $32000 richer.

Thanks again.

Bob O. from Hollandale, WI:
Makes Over $2,000 on Arlington Million Day (And Sends Us Proof)!

Race 2 Superfecta Payoff Receipt at Arlington Park Race 6 Superfecta Payoff Receipt at Arlington Park

Could you say SUPERFECTA WHEEL!!! :) I've always had an all right time going to the track but now that I found you guys, I LOVE IT!!! Now I hate going to the IRS window to cash in my tickets! I'll do it though and with a smile. You guys are something!!!

Lets see... Race 2 for $1,307.00 then race #6 for $756.80! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I only bet on the Superfecta's because like I said before, I only want to win big. Well, this year by using your service I've NETTED over $5,000 and that's after I deduct my losses! Awesome job guys and Thank you again Very Much! By the way, I caught my wife cheating and looking at the form I printed out from you guys after the 2nd race. Yes, she won the 6th race also. Bad but true!

Attached are the 2 receipts from this weekend.

Dan H. from Beaumont, TX:
Cashes In On Easy $531 Exacta at Saratoga!

I played a $2 exacta box ($12.00 total)on your top three picks (3-9-10). The 9 won and paid $16.80 and the 10 ran 2nd and paid $23.00. The WP exacta paid $531.00. I'm up $250 for the day with 9 races to go. WOW ----- How I love your value plays!

Ken C. from Milford, OH:
Another Member Nails Huge Saratoga Exacta!

Wow! I had been following your site for 2 months, following your results daily. I finally took the plunge yesterday.I boxed your top three choices the first race at Saratoga. Bam! $561 exacta right out of the box. Thanks guys, you now have a lifetime customer.

Bryan B. from Railroad, PA:
Cashes In On Huge Day at Penn National!


Nick S. from Fresh Meadows, NY:
Newbie Nails $920 Superfecta at Delaware Park!

See what happens when one gets educated and plays right way? delaware park race 1, $1 SUPERFECTA!! +920...THANKS!!!

Jagada C. from Stockton, CA:
Hits Two Pick 3s at Hollywood Over 7 Race Span!

I have not been able to put it together in the thousand-dollar range, but I am SOLD on Winning Ponies and their information. I nailed two Pick-3's in Hollywood over a 7-race span (July 19 races 6-7-8 collected on) and a clown jokey spoiled My huge day. These guys are the truth and that is coming from a minimal bankroll player. Thank you guys and know that my final nine WC's will not be last.

Vance E. from Plainfield, IL:
New Member Nails Two Trifectas For $1,650 Profit at Arlington!

You guys are unreal! I used your website for the first time yesterday and hit 2 trifectas at Arlington(race 2 and 9). I would have hit a pick 3 as well but foolishly went against your #1 ranking in one of the races. My bankroll was $250.00 and I walked away with $1900.00 on the day.I wont ever even consider betting again without viewing your tiers!

Casey R. from Sunland, CA:
Makes Money First Time With Us, But Misses Out On Two Big Winners!

You know I just recently found you guys online. Tried you out Sunday for the 1st time at Hollywood. I bet every race online up to the ninth and I had made a pretty nice sized kitty and decided to cash out for the day.

Then I see Bob Benoit hit in the 10th paid $24.80 to win, $10.40 to place and $7.00 to show. I've have been kicking myself ever since. I've been thinking about what a killing I would have made if I hadn't stopped for the day. You guys picked him and he paid LARGE. But thanks for what I did win, I more than paid for my WCs for the day and cashed a pretty nice sized check.

Today at Arlington I was trying to hit the late pick 4. Coulda, woulda, shoulda. After my buddy convinced me Afleet Maggie was a lock in the 7th, which turned out to be the place horse, my ticket was dead, I headed off to an office meeting. I came back to see the monster in the 8th. Holy Cow! You guys nailed it, Devil Me Not paid $43.40 to win, $19.40 to place and $11.60 to show. First Bob Benoit, now Devil Me Not, nobody had them but Winning Ponies. You guys have convinced me. I'll be with you for a very long time.

Thanks to you guys, I can take the luck out of betting.

Chris H. from East Northport, NY:
Hits $1 Superfecta at Delaware Park Using Backloading Strategy!

Thanks for response. Used your back loading advice and hit $1 super at delaware race two. Probably spent too much on original bet since still getting used to back loading but.....SWEET!

Greg B. from Frisco, TX:
Nails THREE Pick 3s at Hollywood, Makes $500 Profit!

Thank you Guys!

Sunday 07/12/09!

Bored at home last Sunday while wife out shopping. No program, just my WP!

Hit 3 pick 3's at Hollywood 5th-10th and late DD with a $20.00 horse scoring in the 10th!
Kicking self for not playing P4 and missing some $900.

Started with under $100.00 in account that afternoon and ended with over $600.00 with the WP!

Dan H. from Beaumont, TX:
Cashes In Big on Our 39-1 Top Pick Winner at Sam Houston!

Thanks for the great win pick in the 7th race. I played your 8 horse $20 to win. He paid $79.50 on a $2 ticket. My $795.00 win on the 7th race was part of an $1,100.00 night. I am up $2,000.00 for the past 5 trips to the track. It's great to "shoot at em" with their money!
Thanks again.

Cary S. from Shelburn, IN:
Usually Comes Away a Winner For the Day!


Patrick K. from Chehalis, WA:
Nails Pick 4 at Belmont Park Despite Muddy Conditions!


Larry L. from Evansville, IN:
Hits Four Top Pick Winners At Calder!

I played your picks for the first time at Calder on June 20th. I had four top picks win. The first three races also hit the pick three.

Steve R. from Sag Harbor, NY:
Nails $1,032 Superfecta at Belmont With $48 Outlay!

One more time thank you guys Hit the super for 1032. With your help put the 10 on top 10/13412/13412/1346812 only cost me 48 It's been a great month so far thanks to you guys and girls May be soon i'll be even LOL

Sean R. from Coon Rapids, MN:
New Member Hits $1 Trifecta For $373 at Canterbury on His First Day!

I first started using winningponies when one of my buddies got me into horse racing. I had no idea who to pick or anything so I went onto the web and found your site. The first time I used it you guys had nailed a trifecta at my home track Canterbury and for a dollar you guys helped me win $373.20

Roger T. from Fontana, CA:
Hits $1,400 Late Pick 4 at Los Alamitos!

I hit the late pick 4 at los alamitos last saturday with youre predictions! $1400 payday!!!!

William H. from Rowlett, TX:
Has Been Cashing More Tickets at Lone Star Park With Our Picks!

I just found your site and its freaking great and I love the tier system.I live in Texas where you cannot bet online and have to go to track (Lonestar) and because of your picks I am cashing a lot more tickets. I have an Tournament coming up in July at Lone Star and you can bet I will be using your picks. Thanks.

Steven R. from Sag Harbor, NY:
Sag Harbor Steve Strikes Again; Hits $624 Pick 4 at Belmont!

Thank's again, hit the pick 4 at Belmont for 624. races 6-9 may 28. I still can't believe that 12 horse came up to win at 22/1 in the 9th, great job. thank you. ps thanks for the hat!!

Harry O. from Denton, TX:
Destroys Lone Star Park on Texas Millions Day!

Thanks to Winning Ponies I had a good day at the track. A few Trifectas hit, as well as the Race 2 Superfecta!

Using what the local track guys put out, I'd have lost every race today!

Thanks Winning Ponies!

Patty E. from Carlsbad, CA:
Pays Bills With $1400 Profit Over the Weekend!

I love Winning Ponies Last Thursday I started with Los Alamitos and with help of Winning Ponies I nailed the late pick 4. 1036. Over the weekend I continued to hit wins with Winning Ponies. At the end of the weekend I banked 1400. Helps with the bills.

Steven R. from Sag Harbor, NY:
Nails Exacta for Over $1,000 on Preakness Card at Pimlico!

Hit the exacta for one thousand and one dollars on race 9, nice job with that long shot coming in second. Just missed the super in the Preakness. Thanks again.

Robert O. from Hollandale, WI:
Nails $3,423 Superfecta at Arlington Park!

Okay... I had to write you back and say, your guys you have working for you are awesome! I went to Arlington Park this weekend and had your picks along. Well, you guys started to worry me the whole day but I stuck with your picks. Like I told you guys before, I either want to win BIG or not at all. Well, you guys did it!!! The long shots were winning all day and I was making $1.00 Superfecta Wheel wagers. Well I was having a rough time sticking to my game plan but the 12th race paid off! I took your top 3 picks and the 1 other Tier 2 pick. I then thought... The long shots have been winning so why not take the 2 longest shots there are and do the Superfecta wheel one last time. I placed my $1.00 wager on 157/157/124578/124578. Well that landed me $3,423.60! That was awesome!!! Since finding your website, I'm now up and having a hell of a time at the track. Thank you so much and Best Wishes to you and everyone that works there.

I understand you have Caps or Hats. I would be honored to purchase one so I could advertise for your company when I go to the track. That's the least I could do! You guys are awesome, from explaining everything to me when I started to your picks. GREAT JOB!!!

Danny M. from Bloomfield Hills, MI:
Danny Hits His First Bet With Our 15-1 Top Pick at Golden Gate!

Not a big score but the first bet I made was 4/24/09 on the last @ Golden Gate. Top pick won @ 15-1. Paid for a lot of Winning Credits!

Ronald R. from Campbell, OH:
Cashes In For Over $7,500 On Our Derby Trial Score at Churchill Downs!

Just wanted to thank you for hitting the Derby Trial Last Saturday. I hit Hull your first pic then put all your improving horses underneath hitting the Exacta Trifecta Superfecta cashing over 7500 in Tickets. I couldn't beleive it until I cashed the tickets Thank You Thank You Thank You Keep up the Great Work

Gary M. from Westminster, CO:
Crushes Aqueduct for $3000 on the Turf!

I hit 3 nice payoffs at Aqueduct on Friday 4/24 on the 9th race. Using your picks I was able to hit not only the exacta that paid over $300 but also the .10 superfecta for $632 and the trifecta for $2060--thanks Winning Ponies. You guys rock. I am looking forward to the Derby this year---kicked myself for the last 2 years when you were exactly correct on picking the trifectas.

Larry M. from Sun City, AZ:
Makes a Killing at Keeneland - $1242 Profit on $18 Bet!

Yesterday, Friday April 24 at Keeneland, in the 10th race I had your top 3 selections in a $2 exacta box costing $12 and a $1 tri box costing $6---

Your selections were #'s 11-5-1
Results were 11-5-1
$2 Exacta paid $ 237.60
$1 Tri paid $ 1023.20

Bottom line: Bet $18, Collected $1260.80, Net Profit $1242.80

Thanks Winning Ponies. Lets Do It Again

Marlin H. from Middletown, PA:
Nails $163.80 Trifecta Box at Penn National!

Penn National April 11 2009 Race 9 $2.00 Trifecta box $163.80. If it wasnt for your pics i wouldnt of hit this race. the horses came in just like you had them in order. If i would of did this on some of the other races i would won more money with your pics. Im a cheap bettor so i was very happy with that.

Thank you very much you have my business.

John W. from Union, KY:
John Strikes Again With $416.40 Pick 3 at Keeneland!

You sure have a knack for picking first time starters! Hit a sweet $194.80 Daily Double and a sweeter $416.40 Pick Three for a six dollar investment each! Two of the three races were won by first timers that were your only Tier Ones!

You're the best!

Mark M. from Riverside, CA:
Nails Pick 4 at Turf Paradise Thanks to 3 Top Choice Winners!

Nailed Pick 4 at Turf Paradise today for the full 2.00 bet! After reading your selections, and wagering your top three in the Pick 3, I went back for the Pick 4, and looked at the selections for race 1 really hard. With all the even-odds horses in that race, getting a long shot didn't seem possible. But after noticing that in fact, horse 5 in the 1st race, had come in 7th in his last race, his ONLY turf race, but the dirt track before that he had won, I said aha! I went with WP selections for the 2,3,4 race, and once my number 32.00 horse won the first leg, I knew there was a chance! With your NUMBER ONE pick winning the 2nd leg, AND 3rd leg, AND 4th leg, it was worth it to "go for the money" by picking the overlooked number 5 horse in the 1st leg. He may have been "turf to dirt", but that was deceptive, in fact he only had ONE turf race, and had WON the dirt before that one. Talk about a red flag! How did anyone miss this beaut?

Anyways, thanks for picks! I made over 1,100 today, INCLUDING 70 dollars just boxing your picks, .10 superfecta in race 5 for a mere 2.40!

4/14/2009 3:32 PM Turf Paradise 1 $2.00 P4 1,5/3,7/3,4/2,7 ONLINE $32.00 Paid: $1,011.80

Lucas M. from Catoosa, OK:
Destroys Will Rogers Downs on Opening Day!

Thank you thank you thank you I went to WRD opening day with 100 bucks... Left with 1200 I hit the super in the 3rd and 7th for 500 each and a handfull of tri's in between Your service is the best I won't go to another race without your picks

Chris W. from Westlake, OH:
Chris Strikes Again at Santa Anita With 24-1 Winner!

Racing ticket #6321758 (Risking: 15.00) WIN
RAC Apr-04 SAX R5 5.00 USD WPS 3

John W. from Union, KY:
Makes Whopping $631.18 on a $2.40 Superfecta Box at Turfway Park!

Winning Superfecta Ticket at Turfway Park I bet a 10 cent Super boxing your top four picks in race 6 at Turfway Park today. It returned $631.18 - 263 times the $2.40 that I bet!! That's gotta be some kind of record, right? Here's a picture of the winning ticket!

Thanks so much! And I'm looking forward to my hat.

Tony L. from San Francisco, CA:
Capitalizes On Our West Coast Selections!

Hats off to the Team at Winning Ponies. I figured this team was only good at the Eastern tracks, but they sure know how to handicap them at both Golden Gate and Turf Paradise. Kudos to the team that does their homework and still knows how to pick 'em. I will dump my old service who gives out duds and turn to winning ponies, who selects the studs! Thank y'all.

H.S. from Plano, TX:
Nailed 5 Pick 4s at Santa Anita and Fair Grounds This Year!

Hi Thanks to winningponies I have hit multiple (5) pick 4s at Santa anita Fairgrounds this year that paid more 2000 each. I missed one pick 4 at Fair Grounds by 1 and it paid 22k. I hit the first 3 legs which had horses at 12-1 20-1 and in the last leg I had 4 horses and ran 2, 3 and 4. That was the closest I have come to such a big payoff. In fact the day I hit a 2800 pick 4 at Santa Anita the pick 6 paid upwards of 130K and winninponies had the first two legs of the pick 6 as their top selection so I would hit the pick 6 had I ventured to play it that day but I am happy with the 2800 payoff on a 200+ ticket.

With all the handicapping tips on one page without me having to look for them (lasix, bullet works,dropping in class) this is a great tool. Hopefully I can try and hit the pick 6 at at the CA tracks and have another testimonial soon.

Jerry L. from Nutley, NJ:
Jerry Hits the Swale and Appleton at Gulfstream!

Had the 6/1 exacta box in the Swale @ Gulfstream 10 times for a nice pay off!!!! Also had the exacta and tri in the Appleton for another nice BIG winning ticket!!! You guys are on fire!!!! Nice days work!!! LOL

Chris W. from Westlake, OH:
Lights Up Santa Anita for Over $3000!

You guys were on fire last week at Santa Anita. My brother and I Played all week and followed you guys with 2 Pick 3 Winners and a super fecta winner for 3,000+. You guys are great. Cant wait for the derby we will be at Churchill Downs and would love 2 hats to take with us. Thanks!

William W. from Louisville, KY:
Has Been Rocking With Us Since 2007!

I started with you in 2007 when you gave free Breeder Cup picks. I won around $300 so I decided to purchase some picks. A few days later I won around $1500. Since then I have won the trifecta on the 2008 Kentucky Derby, trifecta and superfecta in the 2008 Preakness. On 2/28/09 race 8 at Gulf Stream I won a $1014 trifecta, 3/7/09 race 8 at Santa Anita $1245 trifecta and on 3/21/09 race 6 at Santa Anita $1587 trifecta. I have also won several hundred dollars on other races. Thank you Winning Ponies I tell everyone I know how great your picks are.

Paul A. from Utica, NY:
Cashes in on Our MONSTER Day at Fair Grounds!

Another great day, 6th race winner paid $25 with exacta comming back $357. In the 7th race $78 exacta and $162 tri. I have been on board for 3 weekends now and each week I walk away with clear profit. Keep up the good work!

Gerardo Q. from Rialto, CA:
Hits Two Trifectas at Santa Anita!

Sat 03/21/09 Santa Anita. Thanks for the handicap not for one but two trifectas. It was sweet I turned 1.00 to 200.00 and another into 195.00. That was sweet and exciting-just having fun and calling them out is great and exciting.

Lori R. from Tower City, PA:
Hits 41-1 Top Tier Horse Across the Board at Penn National!

I am new to racing and betting so this is big win for me. Mar 14, 2009 @ Penn National Racetrack I bet on #10 Fifty Frame in Race 7 to win/place/show. I won $117.00 which is alot for me since this horse was 30/1 odds (Editor's Note: the horse went off at 41/1) and in your 1st tier of horses! Everyone thought I was crazy but I did well. Thank you!

John W. from Union, KY:
ROCKS Turfway Park On Valentine's Day With Our FIVE COLD Winners!

You guys certainly had an incredible day at Turfway Park yesterday! Five out of the nine races cold, and every race was won by a Tier One horse!

Keep up the great work - you're going to spoil me.

Jim G. from Hoboken, NJ:
DESTROYS Aqueduct for Over $8100 With $100 Bankroll!

You helped big time at The Big A today. 3 for 9 with you top picks and more importantly 7 out of 9 winners were from your tier 1 horses. That helped me win the pick 3 on races 7 to 9 (paid 2274.50 on a $1 bet) and the pick 4 from races 6 to 9 (paid 5838.50 on a $1 bet). I my $100 per trip budget, that will cover me for the next 81 trips.

Thanks you, very much.

Tim O. from Rockville Centre, NY:
Nails COLD Superfecta at Turf Paradise!

Nice call. Cold 200 super in the 8th @ turf paradise thanks

Steven R. from Sag Harbor, NY:
Cleans Up With 64-1 First Time Turfer at Turf Paradise!

thank you turf paradise race 5. you guys had the 8 horse as your 3rd pick. when I saw first time turf and that he had one his only race on a wet surface I bet him 10 dollar wps. well he won at 64 to one. thank you winningponies for pointing him out.

Lloyd E. from Johnson City, TN:
Destroys Retama Park for Over $8100 in One Race!

Oh yeah thanks for Retama 11/01/08 I put $8100.00 in my pocket on the first race. I hit the super, first race for a dollar, several ten cent supers, two, two dollar exactas. All on the first race. I had $40 dollars invested. You guys ROCK!!! Best .75 cents ever spent. Thanks again.

Ken H. from Plainfield, IN:
Has Started Winning Since Joining WinningPonies!

I am a member of your site, I am a small time better but I have won more money from your site than I would if I was not using this site. Do you have a sister site that handicapps Harness racing? Or do you know a site as good as yours to join?

Adam C. from Newport, DE:
For $6 Trifecta Investment, Makes $517.40 at Delaware Park!

Hey guys I just had to say thanks for the picks today. I hit the trifecta on Race 6 at DP. You guys had it picked exactly. I had a $1 7-4-3 trifecta box, paid $517.40.

Simply amazing, keep up the good work!

Joe D. from Philadelphia, PA:
Makes Over $500 at Philadelphia on PA Derby Day!

Hey guys. Great job on your picks for the PA Derby at Philly Park on 09/01/2008. I used your picks and hit the following races:
- Race 5 exacta for $74.60
- Race 7 exacta for $29.10, trifecta for $89.90
- Race 8 exacta for $139.20, trifecta for $286.60...PLUS I had $10 on the #5 to win for $103!!!!
Total profit was over $500!

Thanks again.

Mike K. from Noblesville, IN:
Newbie Hits Hoosier Superfecta for Several Hundred Bucks!

Im a little new to horse racing. I enjoy looking at your picks and recently used them to win a superfecta for a couple hundred bucks thanks

Larry W. from Independence, CA:
Cashes in For Over $1600 on First Day With WinningPonies!

Sunday, 8/31 I was running late as usual. My own handicaping was not working the way all those books i've read said it would, so it was time to try a "purchased handicapper". I did a quick Google search and chose the one with the best description, checked the price, thought it can't be much being so cheap. It took more than a couple of minutes to understand it was really as simple as they said. I bought three tracks and later a forth. I won just over $1600. What a fun day. I will never handicap again.

Douglas W. from Sutherlin, VA:
Hits Pick 3 and Pick 4 at Saratoga!


Lawrence K. from Irving, TX:
Nails $21.40 Winner, Exacta and Superfecta at Saratoga!

You really nailed the 12th at Saratoga today. Top 3 (winner $21.40) ran 1-2-3. Nailed win, exacta and super.

Very Nice

Don W. from Lasalle, QC:
Impressed With Our Handicapping at Woodbine!


Thank you the free 20 credits. And I have to admit I was skeptical of your (read all) paid handicapping service.

After handicapping the card myself, I decided to try your selections. Well, you beat me by a few races.

Missed the first race due to traffic where it was not supposed to be. You had the winner of the second. We both stank in the third. And I couldn't believe I watched the 4th as you nailed the tri box.

So I chucked my selections and bet your tri box in the 5th. THANK YOU. You also had the winners of the 6th and 7th. The 8th would still need explanation days after the race is over.

It was a profitable trial. I will be using your service now on my infrequent visits to the off track facility here in Montreal.

Thank you again.

Wally W. from Centralia, IL:
Makes $2,585 on $2.40 Superfecta Box!

I hit the ten cent super at Arlington Park, August 17th, the ninth race. I boxed your first four picks. It paid $2,585.52 for a $2.40 box.

Robert O. from Hollandale, WI:
Has a Blast at the Arlington Million!

I just wanted to say Thank you for all your help from the Tech guys and to the guys who make your picks. I went to the Arlington Million last year and lost $1,000.00. This year I almost hit it big with your picks and your betting help. I was up $1,000.00 around the 8 race then got cocky. But i was only there to win it BIG and not for an income. Just out to have fun and what a blast it was after taking your picks and boxing them! Thanks again for your picks had a wonderful time!!! It's a little more fun winning then loosing like last year! lol... Thank again! :)

Dan H. from Phoenix, AZ:
Rocks Del Mar and Yavapai Downs!

Good news, I hit 2 pick 3's and 4 daily doubles July 28th at Del Mar, I hit 2 superfectas at Yavapai on July 29th. The big one that I hit was race 3 super at Yavapai. $1.00 super key total bet $6.00. Paid $609. Keep up the good job!

Jerry M. from Staten Island, NY:
Nails $2,550 Trifecta at Del Mar on His First Day!

Thanks for 20 bonus points. I have to tell you that I hit 2550 Triple 1st day using winning ponies at DelMar. Take Care

Evan J. from Anderson, IN:
Evan Nails $57.20 Exacta on His First Day With Us!

I Lost $50 bucks yesterday at a popular betting website, Today, I won $57.20 on an exacta at race 10 at Emerald Downs.
FIRST TIME EVER USING THIS SITE! Thanks for getting my money back, and then some

Jerry L. from Nutley, NJ:
Scores $300 on Our Free Virginia Derby Pick!

I used "Horstradamus's" free pick of Gio Ponti and Court Vision in the Virginia Derby and hit it nicley just as he suggested. Played a $20.00 exacta box with the 4/7 that paid $30 and change for a $300 ticket!!
Nice call!!

Rudy O. from Indialantic, FL:
Beginner Rocks Belmont - Hits Pick 3 and Two Trifectas!

I purchased your Belmont picks for 7/17/08 and used them successfully. I am a horse betting beginner and needed some assistance winning the more exotic bets. I won a pick 3 for $450.00 (races 3-5) and two trifectas for $89.56 and $215 each. The incite gained from your tiered system helped tremendously. As I gain confidence, I am sure I will make more lucritive use of your system in the future. Thanks again.

Glenn H. from Spring Hill, FL:
Cashes in on Our Monster Day at Belmont - Three Pick 3s for $1200!

Eventhough I could not play the Pick 6 because the bet was not available to me. I did win $1200 rolling $1 Pic threes. The info is great and i have been on a roll since 4-1. I hit the ones that started in the 3rd, 4th and 7th Races at Belmont.

Walter R. from Birmingham, AL:
Capitalizes on Our Top Pick in the Belmont Stakes for Two Trifectas!

By the way I took the Belmont $1 trifactor twice(dead heat for 3rd) by keying in the win and place position the 4 horse, Denis Of Cork (your top pick) with the next seven horses listed. I also capitalized on the place and show.
Thank You

Joe R. from Belleville, NJ:
Rocks Belmont Park Over the Entire Weekend!

This weekend i gave your picks a try reading your site and reading about backloading. i leanred alot and so saturday i gave your picks a try and played a pick 3 at belmont and i won. Put out 48 dollars won 458 in return. You guys are great at handicapping. Sunday again i tried my luck at belmont and won another pick 3 then hit the pick 4 at belmont. So this weekend i won 2 pick 3's and one pick 4. You guys are good cant say enough about your service. I love the tiers as well ill be using your service in the future.

Thanks alot.

Jeff H. from Billings, MT:
Jeff Strikes Again! Kills Hollywood Park With 4 Pick 3s and $2,339.20 Pick 4!

Thanks for another great day at the races. Using your top tier selections I hit pick 3's of 12.70 583.40 451.20 and 110.70. I missed the first one that paid 88.10. The good news is that I did hit the late pick 4 for 2339.20. Had I played the pick 6 I would have hit the 5 of 6 consolation for 436.00 and I did like the #9 in race 5 that that started the 34000 pick 6 payoff. With wagering credits .75 each I can make many more purchases with you

Dan H. from Phoenix, AZ:
Scores $1,732 Pick 4 At Los Alamitos After Hitting Preakness!

I used yout selections and bet a $180 ticket and hit the pick 4 for $1732. do you post somewhere when a track has a guarantee pool? if not it would be a good idea, Thanks again
ps also hit the preakness tri and exacta.

David F. from Lansing, MI:
Rocks Pimlico on the Day Before Preakness!

I purchased the last three races at Pimlico in hopes of increasing my bankroll for the Preakness. Boy did I ever. I snagged two out of three top choice winners with good payouts. And placed a $8 Pick 3 bet that paid $354 when the #6 came crashing home in the slop to close out the card. I think that was the best $3 I have ever spent on handicapping materials. Thanks Winning Ponies!

Trisha P. from Garden Grove, CA:
Trisha Strikes Again! Nails Pick 3 at Hollywood Park for $208!

I have already told several people about your service. Also, i won a pick a 3 today at Hollywood Park. $208 - Race 1, 2, 3

This is in addition to several other smaller payout races over the last 4 days.

Thanks again.

Trisha P. from Garden Grove, CA:
Hits $244.70 Trifecta Box at Hollywood Park!

Not a huge payout but i was happy. Won the 3rd race at Hollywood Park today - Trifecta boxed - 1,5,4 $244.70 Woo hoo!!! Thanks!

Steven R. from Sag Harbor, NY:
Hits Exacta for $250 at Finger Lakes!

Thanks so much for the $99 exacta! I hit it for $250!

Hugh H. from Pickering, ON:
Turns Initial $45 to $1,800 in Less Than 1 Week!

So far so good with your service! Started with $45 on Saturday and less than a week later up to $1,800 thanks to several wins including a $1,500 triactor! It was a $1 TRI on R6 at Turf Paradise April 1. My total wager was $18. I am certain it is the confidence that I now have to lay out more than $6 on a TRI Box or $2 across on a semi-favourite that seems to be working.

Glenn H. from Hudson, FL:
Hits $1,000 Trifecta at Tampa With $6 Outlay!

I just wanted to thank you for the the great handicapping of the the top four finishers in Race 2 at Tampa. After an inquiry one of the four was disqualified making the tri worth more than $2000.00. I was able to hit the one $1 key spending only $6.

Tom S. from Brunswick, OH:
Nails $1,195 Superfecta at Gulfstream in First Outing With WinningPonies!

Hi, I was trying to find a new source of handicapping information for horse racing when I came across your site. I looked around, read some of the testimonials, and thought maybe it was just a hit and miss type deal. I bought some credits (I was worried) and played between Gulfstream and Tampa Bay on Sun March 30th for the first few races. I knew to hit the superfectas I would have to be creative and turned a $78 boxed bet on Gulfstream race 3, into $1195 for the hit on my first time out with your picks. All I can say is that you have a new customer. I also hit a few smaller hits for $78 for $24 box bets on some supers. So thank you very much. The color schemes for the different tiers and the different information on each one is still something I am learning to read, but as the day went on, most of it was starting to make sense, I plan to look at previous days picks and wins, and to keep learning how each pick is made to make smarter bets in the future. So again, Thank you!!! a $1200 payout made my heart flutter to say the least.

John W. from Union, KY:
John W. Cashes in at Turfway Park Again (Thanks to Our 26-1 Key)!

Thanks for the great call on Hookum Fish in the Fourth race at Turfway Park last night. A $20 to win bet got me $532!

Kirk J. from Robbinsdale, MN:
Hits Exacta and Trifecta at Gulfstream Park on His First Day!

Just wanted to thank you guys.

I just signed up today to test out your service. Played the last 3 races at Gulfstream, and already you've given me a $192 trifecta, and a $90.60 exacta.

Thanks much!

Angie H. from Los Angeles, CA:
Makes Some Cash on Her First Day With!

i just signed up today and won $60 on a $5 bet!

Patrick L. from El Paso, TX:
Cashes $1 Exacta Box at Sunland Park for $252.50!

Hit the Exacta Box for Race 7 at Sunland Park where a $1 Exacta with your picks earned me $252.50. Thanks!!!

John W. from Union, KY:
Nails Six Trifectas in One Day at Turfway Park for $940!

Played the first eight Trifectas at Turfway Park on 2/15 and won six of them. Boxed the top four picks in each race and made $940.40. Thanks so much

Brian C. from Hayden, CO:
Brian Rocks the Weekend with WinningPonies for $2,400 Profit!

I want to thank you for your quick responce to my last e mail. I found it to be very helpful and I appreciate it very much.

With a more thurough reading of your web site and a few days betting behind me I was able to earn over $2,400.00 this last weekend (2/8 to 2/10) UNBELIEVABLE!! I think I got it.

You guys are Awesome and I can't praise your work enough. With your help and research materials I believe anyone can win with your Picks.

Thanks again and I will be a customer for life!!

James H. from Katy, TX:
Cashes $1 Trifecta at Turfway Park for $751!

I hit the 1.00 trifecta in the 4th race today for 751.50 Good picks Keep it up. 3,9,1w 3,9,1w 1,5,8.

Dan H. from Beaumont, TX:
Ahead for 30 Weeks Using WinningPonies Picks!

While I do not have any great stories to testify to, I have been very satisfied with the WP Picks. I have played every weekend and, for the past 30 or so weeks, I am ahead of the game. I did recently hit a pick 4 for $870 and won just over $1000 that night (my best night ever). I wager $200 to $300 per 10 race program.

Without your assistance, I was losing money each day/night. To be playing on their money for 30 weeks is remarkable and puts the fun back into handicapping.

Thanks Again!

Bill A. from Philly, PA:
Cashes In $4,494 in First Week With 20 Free WinningCredits!

I am a longtime subscriber to DRF and Brisnet. As you know they give you info and numbers out the wazoo, but you need to make sense of it yourself. The race analysis they give is the most obvious info about the 3 favorites in each race, and then claim to be great at picking winners, but who wants to bet $10 to win, and get $12?? I found your site through a Google search, and to be honest, was very skeptical about your "Big Uns". I used your free credits and betting philosophy and it paid dividends immediately. I will let the results speak for themselves:

--Golden Gate Fields
1/01/08 Race #6 My bets were (5 w 6,7,8,9) & (6 w 5,7,8,9)
Both $1 SFC Results 6-5-7-9 paid $988.10

1/03/08 Race #7 My bets were (7 w 2,4,5,6) & (4 w 2,5,6,7)
$1 SFC Results 7-4-5-2 paid $410.40

1/04/08 Race #7 My bets were (5 w 3,6,8,10) & (10 w 3,5,6,8)
$1 SFC Results 10-5-3-6 paid $3096.00

I have also hit a few small trifectas and PK3's, but just in big hits alone I won $4,494.50 in the first week. If this continues I can quit my job and just live off my winnings!!! (I wish). I think you guys are the best around at picking races with value in exotics, anyone can hit a SFC playing chalk Fav's and win $200 bucks, but you guys routinely pick long odds horses that finish in the money. Thanks and keep up the good work, hopefully when Santa Anita dries out and re-opens I can start winning there too.

V.M. from Virginia Beach, VA:
Nails $1 Trifecta for $364 at Sunland Park!

Happy New Year Guys,

had to write to you to let you know I hit the $1 Trifecta at Sunland Park Jan 02 [for $364.50]. I have never won this much ever at one time. I am still in shock. I played 4,8,7/1,6,2/8,7,2. Total cost $18. You guys are the best!!! I always knew your information worked. I just had to trust your picks. Please post this and make those non-believers believers!!! Thanks alot!!!

Mark M. from Riverside, CA:
Mark Makes Over $1,000 Profit at Evangeline Downs; Hits SIX Pick 3s!

You guys ROCKED Evangeline tonight!

My only regret, is not having enough money in for boxing trifectas!

But the Pick 3's are another story, Winning Ponies nailed ALL of the Pick 3's after Race 2! INCLUDING, a 50/1 shot (Horse 5 race 6) (Editor's Note: the horse went off at 41/1) that decimated the betting pool for 2 different Pick 3's! Here's a snapshot of my wagers for tonight, November 2: (I think I missed one of the early P3's.)

Evangeline Downs R3 $1 P3 2,4,6/2,3,6/1,2,4 BET $27.00, RETURNED $42.00

Evangeline Downs R4 $1 P3 2,3,6/1,2,4/4,5,9 BET $27.00, RETURNED $269.60

Evangeline Downs R5 $1 P3 1,2,4/4,5,9/2,7,10 BET $27.00, RETURNED $372.70

Evangeline Downs R6 $1 P3 3,4,5,9/2,7,10/1,5 BET $24.00, RETURNED $438.10 BAM!!!!!

Evangeline Downs R7 $1 P3 2,7,10/1,4,6/3,4,5 BET $27.00, RETURNED $31.90

Evangeline Downs R8 $1 P3 1,4,6/3,4,5/3,7,9 BET $27.00, RETURNED $22.00

Thank you Winning Ponies for your 50/1 shots that WIN.

Riverside, CA

Joe L. from Tampa Bay, FL:
$983.60 Profit in Breeders' Cup 2007 F&M Turf From Our Free Analysis!

[From Bulletin Board]

Thanks Winningponies,

I just had Lahudood for $20 ($254), a $5 ($419) Exacta and a $1 tri box ($384.90) Total wagered $84 - Returned $1,067.90 - Profit $983.90

Where do I sign up?

Mark M. from Riverside, CA:
Makes $356.75 in One Race on First Day With WinningPonies!

I'm glad I signed up for this today. My first races bet were Saratoga 8 and 9. Here's what happened in the ninth, this is my real bet (this after trying every thing under the sun to win ANYTHING in ANY race):

Date placed: Aug 16, 2007 5:19p
Aug-16 SAR R9 1.00 USD TRX 1,4,5,9
Outcome: Win: Paid $303.50

And, the exacta in the same race:

Date placed: Aug 16, 2007 5:23p
Aug-16 SAR R9 1.00 USD EXX 1,4,5,9
Outcome: Win: Paid $53.25

Nate S. from Saint Louis Park, MN:
Cashes a $2.40 Superfecta Ticket for $1,254 at Canterbury!

Just wanted to drop you a note with my WinningPonies story. After your orignal top choice in Race 5 was scratched, I bumped your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th picks in to a $0.10 Superfecta Box for $2.40 and hit for $1,254! I never thought I'd hit anything that big and I wouldn't have done it without your picks. Nicely done, you have a permanent customer. Thank You so much!

Allison W. from Los Angeles, CA:
Destroys Los Alamitos for $1,722.10

Guys, very few handicappers cover the quarter horses and I've never seen anybody hit them like you do. Last night at Los Al, I hit the first Pick 4 for 394.50 for $1, a $2 Pick 3 for $420.40 and the late Pick 4 for 907.20 for $2. I should have bet the Pick 6! You guys picked it and nobody hit it. This isn't the first time I made money with you but I never cleaned up like this before!

Lendy A. from Eden Prairie, MN:
Cashes In $2,550.50 On Our Monster Day at Delaware Park

Your advice just paid out @ Delaware Park; $2,550.50. Smaller wins since I started 4 days ago. Great capping...Simply the best I have been with. Thank you, and to a great future.

Stacy V. from Flower Mound, TX:
Stacy Scores Again - $244 Exacta, $2,870 Trifecta at Mountaineer

I hit the Exacta & Tri tonight in the 9th race @ Mountaineer
Your plays 8-6-10-9-4 (I only had the tri for $1)
1 8 TOORIZZIFOROY 19.80 9.60 6.40
2 9 CARSON CITY STAR 16.60 11.60
3 4 LAC GRAPE 10.60
$2 Exacta 8-9 244.40
$2 Trifecta 8-9-4 5,740.00

Jeff G. from Brentwood, CA:
Rocks Alameda for $1,532.90

Signed up a few days ago with you and I want you to know I am very pleased with your picks the last 3 days at Alameda Fair. Today I won on a lot of your picks. I won on race 3 11.00, race 6 14.80, race 9 tri 368.00. The best of all, race 11, I hit the whole thing: ex 71.90 tri 265.00 and thanks for the superfecta. It paid 802.20. Great job to WinningPonies.
Thanks again, Jeff

Stacy V. from Flower Mound, TX:
$1 Tri Box at Phildelphia Park Pays $573

Race 6 @ Philly

I played a $1 tri box w/ your top 4 selections ($24) of 6-5-3-2 it came in 2-5-3 and paid $573. Thanks

Bill B. from East Windsor, NJ:
Collects On 3 Pick 3s and 1 Pick 4 at Belmont for Profit of $1,150

Today I cashed 3 $1 Pick three tickets for $103.50, $285.00 & $99.00 at Belmont Along with the late $1 Pick 4 for $771.00 for a net profit of $1,150 for the day. Thanks!!!

Bill S. from Naples, FL:
Nails $14,026 Pick 6 at Belmont With $24 Ticket!

Nice call on the 8 horse in the 9th. He paid $41.00. He was placed first after the 10 got taken down. Good news: I hit the Pick 6 for $14,000 on a $24.00 ticket. Your handicapping really helped.

Jeff L. from Deer Park, TX:
Sole Winner of $121,578 Pick 6 at Hollywood Park!

When I first found your service I signed up and told all my betting buddies about it and now about two dozen of us are signed up. I was at work on Wednesday and my buddy called me about your online selections and he was heading to the track to play the Pick 6. I pitched in and both of us were going to leave Commissioner Gordon off of our tickets and if it weren't for you guys we would be cashing in another 5 of 6.

Mary P. from San Francisco, CA:
Another Happy Derby Customer

Thanks for the trifecta today guys! You picked Street Sense, Hard Spun, Curlin and they ran 2-3-1. I made $440 for $12. Keep up the good work, Mary

Jack S. from Orlando, FL:
Cashes In On 2007 Derby - Easy $440 Trifecta

I signed up for your service through an online promotion. I just took your top three picks in the Derby and boxed them. Easiest $440 I ever made. I'll be sticking with you guys for sure. Thanks!


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