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WinningPonies® offers the following:
  • E-Z Win® Form for most flats racing in the United States and Canada. Our form show the horses ranked in order and grouped in color-coded tiers. Other key factors are highlighted as well. The form changes in real-time along with scratches and the current track conditions (which you select on the form).

  • Prorated pricing! Currently, a full 10-race card will cost you $10! But, if racing is in progress, you only pay for the remaining races ($1 per race)! Special events may be priced differently. Volume discounts are available to our members.

  • If you prefer to analyze races in depth, past performances for each horse are viewable on the E-Z Win® Form at no extra charge.

  • A full year of past forms with results for all tracks. No purchase is necessary. Also, check out our
    Big 'Uns®. These are our recent biggest hits and are updated real-time throughout the day!

  • Unique WinningCredits™-based purchasing system. Purchase WinningCredits™ using any major credit card or PayPal and redeem them for picks at any time. We offer WinningCredits™ as a promotional reward. View your transaction history online in real time!

  • Our Toteboard shows the current available tracks, the current prorated price for the E-Z Win® Form for that track, and the next race, with minutes to post, at each track (based on published post times). Tracks can be sorted either by time of next race or alphabetically. In addition, our handicapping picks with results for the day's earlier races are incrementally available immediately after a race goes official!

  • Our weekly online radio show "Winning Ponies with John Engelhardt", The show features big names in the industry including horse racing jockeys, trainers, and expert handicappers. Each week our host John Engelhardt talks about the week's news and upcoming events in the Sport of Kings. He takes calls from our members and finishes by handicapping the weekend's big races.

  • Promotional giveaways to our valued members. We love rewarding our members by running various promotions throughout the year, offering prizes such as WinningPonies baseball caps and t-shirts.

  • Referral bonuses. When you refer someone to us, and they purchase WinningCredits™, we award you credits as our way of saying thanks.

  • Handicapping articles written by our expert handicappers. These articles will teach you how to use our E-Z Win® Form and how to bet to win (for entertainment purposes only, of course).

  • Prompt customer service. Send us your message via online web form. A member of our courteous support staff will respond shortly.



Our exotic predictions have paid:


Big 'Uns are big payouts that you would have hit had you followed our handicapping picks.


Below is a comparison chart showing how measures up to other handicapping services: Competitors
Selections Available on the Web? YES! Maybe?
Payment Methods All major credit cards and PayPal. All major credit cards.
Web Content Dynamic E-Z Win® Form. If something changes (scratches, track condition, etc.), just come back to the site and modify the settings to get newly adjusted selections. Static plain text.
Handicapping Style gives you the edge you need to win. We do all the legwork and analysis for you and provide you with our ranked selections along with key factors highlighted. In addition, we provide substantial resources on successful ways to bet with our picks. At, we don't like to tell people exactly what to bet because everyone's preferences are different. We want our members to learn along the way in addition to winning. They tell you exactly what to bet. You won't learn anything except that it's easy to spend other people's money. There's nothing wrong with spending $144 on a $1 Trifecta partial with a 3-5 key.
Tracks Covered We handicap all the major (and some minor) flats tracks in the United States and Canada. If it's flats and you can bet on it, we probably handicap it. Furthermore, our picks are of the same quality across all the tracks we analyze. Yes, our guys are THAT good. Typically, on the slowest days (Monday and Tuesday) we offer up to 10-15 tracks. On the weekends, we may have up to 45 tracks available! How do we do it? We don't know either! They only handicap a few major tracks. They probably only handicap Thoroughbred racing and don't even try to touch Quarter Horse or Arabian races.
Fairly Good Day at the Track A few 3 figure trifectas on one card. They would have cost between $12-$40 to bet. Best bet of the day at 2-5 wins. Gave you a chalk Pick-3. Cost $72 to bet, paid $36.40.
Pricing Structure of Selections Using our unique WinningCredit™-based system, you purchase credits which can be redeemed anytime to purchase our forms. In this way, you only get one transaction on your credit card statement (for the credit purchase). The E-Z Win®Form for a track simply costs 1 WinningCredit™ per race (e.g. a 10 race card is 10 credits). Credits are currently $1 each; a 10 race card will cost you $10. Also, did we mention we prorate the pricing of our forms? If it's late in the day and there are only 2 races left on a 9 race card, only pay 2 credits! Furthermore, we offer volume discounts on WinningCredits™ to our members. Anywhere from $10-$25 per track, based on the handicapper. Prorating? You have to be kidding me.
Viewable Past Selections Check our past results at any track for any date for the past year. We include the results on the past E-Z Win® Forms so you can cross-reference easily. Our results for the current day's races are posted as soon as the races become official! They will hand pick a few past tip sheets to show you. They will be several weeks old. Oh you want to see results too? Go find them somewhere else.
Track Selection Page Use the Toteboard! We display all the available tracks sorted by time of the next race. We also display the upcoming race number at each track (based on published post times) and the prorated cost of the form at each track in WinningCredits™. Check off one or more tracks and purchase them! In addition, a results link for each track is available on the Toteboard. You can view our picks and results for earlier races that day at each track! Results are updated continuously during the day and are usually available immediately after a race is official. One link per track with the track name. Oops, didn't realize racing is done at that track? They did.
Biggest Hits Our unique Big 'Uns® provide you with a list of our biggest hits across all the tracks we cover. This list is updated continuously throughout the day. You can see the entire Big 'Uns® list or see some random highlights on the right side of the page. By the way, all of our listed biggest hits are recent (from the last 7 days). They'll put a $1000 Pick-3 that they hit 4 months ago on the top of every tip sheet.
Additional Racing Information Provided On our E-Z Win® Form, provides our rated entries and include some notes on factors we feel are important. Not enough? Click the View Past Performances link and see comprehensive past performance information, similar to what you would find in a racing form. They write a few canned comments for each horse which are basically restating irrelevant factors that you can find in the racing form.
Transaction History View real-time transaction history online! See all your transactions (WinningCredit™ purchases, track purchases, and bonuses). Check all those charges from us on your credit card statement. Don't remember what those charges were for? They don't either.
Scratches Scratches updated several times per hour and our form updates on the fly accordingly. Their "Best Bet of the Day" scratched? You're on your own.
Track Condition Feel free to choose the current track condition to view our form tailored specifically for that condition. Umm, track condition makes a difference?
Races Coming Off the Turf No problem. Select Off the Turf and our dynamic interface will show you the picks for that race on the main track! They just give you a tip with a disclaimer (bet is good on the turf ONLY). You have nothing to bet and they have no liability.
Racing Cancellations This will be handled automatically. Once we determine that racing was cancelled at a particular track, we credit all applicable members with the correct number of WinningCredits™. Send them an email and when they get to it, they'll issue you a credit.
Business Type When you choose, you are choosing a real corporation. We handle all aspects of our business in-house. This includes billing, account management, handicapping, marketing, and customer service. They are just a bunch of guys who type up a sheet and have some horse racing-related sites advertise, sell and support it for them.

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