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For the SECOND CONSECUTIVE YEAR, we nailed the Kentucky Derby Trifecta in our top tier!

View Our Kentucky Derby 2008 Results

Following are some of the Derby 2008 testimonials we received:
Gary E. from Scottsdale, AZ:
Sends Us Visual Proof of His Derby Exacta and Trifecta!

Winning Derby Ticket As someone new to horse racing, I never thought I could hit something this big (especially on my first try!). I hit the Trifecta for $1 and the Exacta for $2 to net close to $2000!

I think I was the only one at the track cheering when the results were posted. You guys are the real deal!

Just in case there are non-believers: Attached is a pic I took of the winning Derby ticket I bought at the local track. This is the least I could do for you guys! Thanks!

Jim D. from Decatur, IL:
Rocks Derby - Hits $29,000 Superfecta and Trifecta!

thanks so much for your help on saturday. with the top 3 selections listed i was lucky enough to add a little luck and combinations of numbers to hit the ky derby super for $29,000 plus the tri as well for $1700. i played the 20/5,9,10/2,16,19/2,5,9,10,16,19 for $36 and boxed the 5,16,19,20 in the tri thanks again

Mick N. from Washington, DC:
Nails Derby Trifecta x 4 and $5,205 Trifecta at Penn National!

Thanks so much for the great Derby tips, which led to me having the winning trifecta x4. What a great way to start me night, but it got even better. I also purchased the card for Penn National that evening as I was going to be at the OTB anyway, and that card had 5 of 9 winners, including a $5205 trifecta! Rest assured I will recommend this site to all of my friends.

Donald S. from Springfield, MA:
Hits Derby Trifecta 5 Times in First Day With WinningPonies!

Hi, Thanks for the derby picks this was my 1st day I use your service and hit the triple 5 times! Plus also hit the super in 7th race by using your top 2 picks!! THANKS SO MUCH FOR A GREAT DERBY DAY!

Richard F. from Cartersville, GA:
Nails $10 Trifecta in Derby for $17,228!

Hi! How do I testimonial to Big Un's. I won $17,228 on the trifecta 5,16,20

Thomas P. from Cranford, NJ:
Hits $4 Derby Trifecta for Over $7,000!

Because of winning ponies I was brought to notice Denis of Court as a contender otherwise I would not have even considered him although as a result I had the triple for four dollars and collected a little under seven thousand dollars.

I invested the money in a stock which is doing quite nicely since.


Stacy V. from Flower Mound, TX:
Stacy Pays for His First Trip to the Derby With WinningPonies Picks!

Thank You so much for the Derby picks. I actually made the trip to Kentucky for my 1st Derby and what a great time I had...the icing on the cake was the Derby Exacta & Trifecta tickets I cashed that more then paid for my entire trip. Keep up the great work and keep the winning picks coming.

Shaun T. from Gloucester, VA:
College Student Pays for Vacation With Derby Trifecta!

I was so lucky to have found you guys. I am new at all this and was attempting to handicap the Derby. While doing my research I came across a blogger who mentioned your site. Because your prices were so reasonable (I'm a college student) I decided to go ahead and get your picks. I only had $50 bucks total to spend on Derby day and most of my wager I spent on Colonel John and Pyro. I used my last $12 for an Trifecta on Big Brown, Eight Belles and Denis of Cork. Wow! I'm now $3000 richer and heading on vacation as soon as exams are over, I can't thank you enough.

Jeffrey D. from Elizabethtown, KY:
Hits Derby Trifecta for Over $3,400!

Nice job on the Derby Trifecta. Won me over $3400!

Dave M. from Mequon, WI:
Complete Novice Hits Derby Trifecta in Vegas!

Complete the point your customer support folks had to help me a few times to learn to ready your reports and factor in weather, etc. I was in Vegas by chance for the Derby and made a few bets for fun..and HIT the Derby Trifecta.....thanks and I look forward to the Preakness and Belmont. Thanks to your picks AND your support for making my first horse racing bet a memorable one!

Steve C. from Riverview, FL:
Steve Impresses His Golf Buddies With Derby Trifecta!

Thanks. Great picking. My four golfing buddies who joined me for the wager think I;m real smart. Let's not tell them where I got the picks!

Nathan S. from Saint Louis Park, MN:
Hits $1 Derby Trifecta Box for $1,722.80!

After you nailed last year's derby and I missed out, I promised myself I would get in on this year's action. A $1 Tri box paid out $1722.80. Thank you very much. Oh yes, and I'm the same guy that hit a crazy $0.10 Superfecta last August using your picks for $1,254.40 at Canterbury. Outstanding, I still can't believe it. What a great start to the summer!

Jeff L. from Deer Park, TX:
Jeff Cashes In With $3,445.60 Derby Trifecta!

You guys never cease to amaze me!!! I had a few ideas for the Derby, logged on to my account, saw you had 2 of 3 that I liked but had no idea with Eight Belles. Threw him in with my two, Big Brown and Denis of Cork, and well the rest is history, history of $3,445.60!!! Thanks again!!!

Don C. from Johnson City, TN:
Nails Exacta and Trifecta in Derby!

never could have done it without your help....loved Big Brown but was so confused with so many other horses in the field, i stuck with you top 3(boxed exacta and tri) and also added part wheel tri for another winner......without your help i never would have had the other 2 horses though.....great job!!!!

Ernie C. from San Antonio, TX:
Nails Exacta and Trifecta in the Derby!

You gentlemen made a believer out of me. Nailed the exacta and trifecta on Derby Day. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

Susan H. from Westerly, RI:
Nails Derby Trifecta for $1,722 on $6 Bet!

Yikes. You guys are amazing. Thanks to you I won $1,700.00 on the top 3 horses in the Kentucky Derby yesterday - on a $6.00 bet. I was skeptical of your choice of Denis of Cork and Eight Belles, because it seemed like no one else was predicting them in the top 3, but I went with your advice. I cried my eyes out when Eight Belles went down and still feel lousy today. But am looking forward to more of your great predictions. This was the first time I've ever placed a bet on anything - and now, not the last!

Thank you!

Glenn H. from Spring Hill, FL:
Hits Derby Trifecta for $1,722 on $6 Bet!

Thanks for laying out in perfect order the Trifecta. I invested only $6 to make $1722 not a bad days work at all. This was the second time in less than a month I visited the IRS window with information that is extremely accurate. Thanks again and keep up the accurate work.

John W. from Union, KY:
Nails Trifecta and Exacta in the Derby!

Hit the Trifecta and the Exacta! You really nailed it again!

Scott N. from Cincinnati, OH:
Hits Derby TWO Years in a ROW With WinningPonies!

I took a lot of heat on going with you guys on Denise of Cork, but I told my friends you hit it last year...Thank you! I only wish I could have trusted you more!!! Here is to futre wins!!!

Hugh H. from Pickering, ON:
Hugh Hits $1 Derby Trifecta With Some Friends!

Three of us boxed your top 4 with your top 5 with your top 6 on a $1 tri. In the end we really didn't need to put out a full $21 and change each but the end result was very nice just the same!

Jerry L. from Nutley, NJ:
Cashed in our Derby Picks!

I also followed your picks for the Derby and cashed in nicley!!!

You guys are on the "Money"!

Nicholas G. from Copiague, NY:
Cashes in on WinningPonies Derby Picks!

Great info on the Derby. Perfect ending to my betting day. Way to go guys! Keep up the good work!

Darren A. from Dallas, TX:
Hits Derby Trifecta!

Thanks for the Derby Trifecta today. GREAT ONE!!! Too bad for Eight Belles though.

John B. from Flemington, NJ:
Missed Out on our Derby Picks!

no one ever said i was smart. i just wanted to say GREAT SHOOTIN' in the kentucky derby. i have 30 credits with you guys, and didn't even use them on your big day. oh well, live and learn. again, CONGRATULATIONS!!!



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