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We followed our major success in the Derby with the Trifecta and Superfecta in the Preakness Stakes!

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Following are some of the Preakness 2008 testimonials we received:
Glenn H. from Spring Hill, FL:
Glenn Makes More than $4,000 Thanks to Derby and Preakness Scores!

2 for 2 and it keeps getting better. For me it started on April Fools day than the Derby and now the Preakness I have signed for more than $4000 just playing these three days not including other days I came out ahead.

Donald S. from Springfield, MA:
Nails $10 Exacta, $5 Trifecta and $2 Superfecta in Preakness!

Hi, Thanks once again for a great Preakness,hit the exacta 10 times 5.00 trifecta 2.00 superfecta! Its so nice watching your picks come down the stretch in front,keep up the great work! THANKS.

Cheryl T. from Detroit, MI:
Hits $1,192 Preakness Superfecta in First Outing With WinningPonies!

On my very first time using your service I cashed in on a $1 superfecta win!! I used your first 5 picks. My ticket looked like this...7,12/7,12,1,3,6/7,12,1,3,6/7,12,1,3,6,13 = $72 total bet that payed out $1,192!!
I heard about your site correctly picking the Kentucky Derby winners 2 years in a row so I had to get in on the action for this big race. I'll be using your predictions again for the Belmont on June 7 :)
Thank you so much!!

Jeff H. from Billings, MT:
Cashes Trifecta x2 and Superfecta x2 in Preakness!

Thanks for the great advice on questions I had regarding betting strategies. Thanks to you, I hit the trifecta twice, the superfecta two times, and the exacta four times. I did invest about $500; but still a great return on investment. It is interesting to note that you did recommend in your answer that I include Icabad Crane (#3) in my exotic wagers. Thanks again and keep up the great work!!

Julie C. from Madison, WI:
New Member Cashes $1,600 on $72 Preakness Investment!

As a newly registered customer I can't tell you how excited I was to watch the race unfold, wait for the official result then scan my tickets to see that I had "wheeled" in 3 trifecta winners and a superfecta...I'm a true believer!!! I love the horses, but I can't study them all of the time...I'll leave that up to the folks here...THANKS!!!! You've helped me pay for my vacation. Sorry I don't have a copy of the winning tickets...suffice it to say, my $72 investment turned into around $1600!!!

Eric D. from Plains, PA:
Nails Trifecta Key Thanks to Our Selection of Macho Again!

After many days and hours of reading articles and studying stats, no one mentioned Macho Again as a top three pick except for At first, I was reluctant to take such a longshot. I figured, if no one else liked Macho Again, why even consider putting him in a trifecta key, with the key being Big Brown and Icabad Crane. Then I thought, these guys at keep doing what they do for a reason, and without any further hesitation, I placed my key as follows: 7/1,3,6,8,12 (the bet was $2).Needless to say, I was happy to collect my winnings! I am just sad I didn't take the superfecta! I would have nailed it! The guys at are in business for a your homework like they do, and you will be rewarded! Thirteen WC's for Pimlico was a small price to pay for such a great day at the races!!! With the help of, I will nail the Belmont, as well! Thanks, winningponies!

John W. from Union, KY:
John Follows Up His Derby Score with Preakness Trifecta and Super!

First the Derby and now the Preakness! I hit the Tri and the Super! Thanks so much.

There weren't very many people cashing tickets after the race, but I made sure to tell anyone that asked about your service. I bet you'll be seeing some more customers soon.

Dan H. from Beaumont, TX:
Cashes Exacta, Trifecta and Superfecta in Preakness!

Great job on the Preakness. I hit the $2 exacta, the $1 trifecta and the $1 superfecta. One other small exacta gave me a $1512.70 return on a $235 investment.
On to the Belmont!

Kevin P. from Exeter, PA:
WinningPonies Expert Advice Gives Kevin Preakness Superfecta!

Thanks guys @ Winning Ponies for their help in hittin the SUPER. The expert advice and write ups helped in the decision. Too bad Big Brown killed the payout! Let's look forward to the Belmont and win big again. Thanks...

Joe M. from Corpus Christi, TX:
Cashed In on Preakness Trifecta and Superfecta!

Wow what a great race! Hitting the the tri and super was even better! I played you top six picks in a wheel, so easy. Never thought that the payout was going to be as much as it was.. Thanks.

David G. from Washington, DC:
Newbie Learns Quick and Nails Preakness Trifecta!

I wanted to compliment your website on its nice work. I was brand new to horse racing and the website and hit the TRI on the Preakness for total payout of 336.
This website completely taught me the 101 of horseracing in a matter of a few hours and also answered all questions I had very promptly.

Job Well Done

Junior H. from Fountain Valley, CA:
Makes Back His Loss in Derby With Our Preakness Picks!

I should have listened for the Derby, but I didn't and look what happened. But I listened for the Preakness and made back the money I lost at the Derby. I hit a $5 Tri with your selections so thank you, and I look forward to your Belmont predictions.

David L. from Zionsville, IN:
Hits Preakness Exacta, Trifecta and Superfecta Thanks to Selection of Icabad Crane!

With your help I got lucky on Preakness day. I hit the Exacta,the Trifecta and Superfecta on the Preakness.You listed Icabad Crane among your top picks. Without you assistance I would have not hit the winners. Many thanks.

V.M. from Virginia Beach, VA:
Nails Preakness Trifecta After Missing Out on Derby!

Man you guys are awesome. I hit the trifecta at pimilco Sat. May 17. Big Brown has done it again and so have you guys. I missed the Kentucky Derby but I made sure not to miss the Preakness.I will be with you at Belmont and always. Please print this. I have been with you guys for months and I am still amazed. I played 1,7,12/1,7,12,3/1,7,12,3,6,10. All for $36. I could have hit the super as well. Thanks guys, YOU HAVE NO COMPETITION!!!

Gary H. from Louisville, KY:
Nails Preakness Trifecta and Superfecta!

i bet a $1 tri and boxed your top four horses. I also took your top five horses in a $1 superfecta win 12,7 place 7,12,1 show 12,1,3,6 and fourth 12,1,3,6,10 thank you

Mark J. from Richmond, IN:
Redeems His Derby Mistake With Preakness Exacta and Trifecta!

Wow! You guys are awesome! I became a member of Winning Ponies just before the Derby, purchased your picks for the Derby but changed Denis of Cork to Colonel John. I know...I lost. So to redeem myself I followed your picks for the Preakness and voila! I got the exacta and trifecta. Now its on to the Belmont. Thanks guys.

Nancy D. from Emporia, KS:
Hits Exacta x 2 and Trifecta x 2 in Preakness!

Thanks for the winning tips! I won 2 trifectas and 2 exactas! Didn't try for the superfecta, but I would have won. I will next time! Thanks again!

Robert D. from Baltimore, MD:
Member Hits Multiple Preakness Bets at His Home Track!

Hello I am new to winning ponies. I joined last year.I am still learning how to bet on horses. This year I finally nailed the Preakness here at home in Maryland. I won the exacta for $18.30 the tri for $168.40 and the super for $300.00 and Big Brown for the win and Macho Again for P,S for $55.20.
Keep up the good work and I can't wait for the Belmont Stakes.

Ernesto C. from San Antonio, TX:
Hits Trifecta and Superfecta in Preakness!

What can I say. Nailed the tri and super. Got everybody excited at work. Gave them your website so they can win too. Thanks again.



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